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Power & Leadership Styles

No description

chelsea bauer

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Power & Leadership Styles

Power & Leadership Styles
Jack's face swam near him. "And you shut up! Who are you, anyway? Sitting there telling people what to do. You can't hunt, you can't sing-" "I'm chief. I was chosen." "Why should choosing make any difference? Just giving orders that don't make sense."

Ralph yelled at Jack, so Jack got mad at Ralph.

During a meeting, Jack started talking. But, Jack didn't have the conch so Ralph yelled at him. Ralph had every right to because he is the leader and those are the rules. Because Ralph yelled at him, Jack
The sound of the inexpertly blown conch interrupted them. As though he were serenading the rising sun, Jack went on blowing till the shelters were astir and the hunters crept to the platform and the littluns whimpered as they so frequently did. Ralph rose obediently, and Piggy, and they went to the platform.

Jack tried to act like chief.

Usually, Ralph is the one to call meetings by blowing the conch because he is the chief. Jack tried to act like chief because he blew the conch and called a meeting.

"I got the conch." said Piggy, in a hurt voice. "I got a right to speak." They looked at him with eyes that lacked interest in what they saw, and cocked ears at the drum-roll of the fire. Piggy glanced nervously into hell and cradled the conch. "We got to let that burn out now. And that was our fire wood."
You're chief. You tell 'em off." Ralph lay flat and looked up at the palm trees and the sky. "Meetings. Don't we love meetings? Every day. Twice a day. We talk." He got on one elbow. "I bet if I blew the conch this minute, they'd come running."

Ralph can call meetings whenever he wants because he's chief.

Ralph is the leader, so he has a right to yell at the boys. He's sort of complaining of having to call meetings all the time.
"Hasn't anyone got any sense? We've got to relight that fire. You never thought of that Jack, did you? Or don't any of you want to be rescued?"

Ralph's main priority as chief is to keep the fire going.

Ralph is yelling at everyone because the only thing he cares about is being rescued. And the only way to be rescued is to keep the fire going so there would be smoke. But, the boys aren't keeping up with the fire, so Ralph is getting angry.

They set off again, the hunters bunched a little by fear of the mentioned beast, while Jack quested ahead ... Jack was in charge of the hunt and there would be time to get to the mountain.

Jack is leading the hunt.

Since Ralph was voted chief in the beginning of the novel, Jack was made leader of hunting. So, Jack leads all the hunts and tells boys what to do while searching for pigs to kill.
Then to his surprise, Ralph went to Piggy and took the glasses from him. Not even Ralph knew how a link between him and Jack had been snapped and fastened elsewhere.

Ralph took advantage of being leader.

Because Ralph is leader, he thinks he can basically do whatever he wants. So, instead of asking nicely for Piggy's glasses, he just went up to him and took them off his face.
Piggy is trying to lead because he has the conch, which gives him a right to speak.
Piggy tried to lead and tell the boys how to care for the fire. Even though he had the conch, no one really cared for what he had to say. No one takes Piggy seriously because he's chubby and wears glasses.
black text- quote from novel
blue text- summary sentence
purple text- analysis
Chapter 9
"I'm chief," said Ralph tremulously. "And what about the fire? And I've got the conch-"
"You haven't got it with you," said Jack, sneering. "You left it behind. See, clever? And the conch doesn't count at this end of the island-"

Ralph thinks just because he's chief, he can talk whenever he wants.

Ralph is yet again, worried about the fire. Jack is taking every chance to call Ralph out and not let him talk. Ralph says he can talk because he has the conch. But, Ralph doesn't have it with him.
Chapter 10
Bill put up his hand.
"What'll we use for lighting the fire?"
The chief's blush was hidden by the white and red clay. Into his uncertain silence the tribe spilled their murmur once more. Then the chief held up his hand.

Jack is now chief of his own tribe.

Because Jack didn't want to follow Ralph while he was chief, Jack went off on his own and others followed. Jack is now in charge of that group and it's very different then Ralph's group.
Chapter 11
Ralph's temper blazed out. "I say! You voted me for chief. Didn't you hear the conch?"

Ralph is angry, so his comeback is saying that he's chief.

He's basically saying how because everyone voted for him to be chief in the first place, he should stay chief.
Chapter 12
"Who's boss here?"
"I am," said Ralph loudly.

Ralph technically is 'boss'.

Since everyone voted Ralph chief at the beginning of the book, he still is chief. Jack was going to say that he was boss, but he held back because he knew it would probably cause trouble.
Lord of the Flies
By: Chelsea Bauer
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