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Final Project

No description

Kristen Davis

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Final Project

Cultural Blend Pop Culture Cultural elements that reflect a group's common background and changing interests. Materialism The western mindset of placing value on acquiring material possessions. Mass Media 98% of American households own at least one TV. the most popular form of media, around the world is Tv,Radio and movies. Cultures Blend In Global Age Sports Cultures Blend in a Global Age Basketball and soccer (futbol) are among the most popular televised sports. NBA games are televised in over 200 countries. Nearly 63 million viewers worldwide watched the 2002 World cup Final. Language/ Western Culture Culture Blend in a Global Age Western domination of the worldwide mass media helps explain the huge influence the west hason many different cultures today. Western influence on the rest of the world's culture is actually rooted in the 19th century Western Languages are spoken throughout the world, mainly because of Europe's history of colonization in the America's, Asia and Africa. English is spoken by about 500 million people as their first or second language. English is the most common language used on the internet and at international conferences. Non Western Culture Culture Blend in a Global Age Culture ideas are not confined to moving only from the West to other lands. Non-western cultures also influence people in Europe and the Untied States. Culture blending of western and Non-Western elements opens communications channels for the further exchange of ideas throughout the globe. Art and Literature Culture Blend in a Global Age Advances in Transportation and technology have facilitated the sharing of ideas about art and the sharing of actual works of art. Shows and musems throughout the world exhibit art of different styles and from different places. Well-known writers routinely have their works translated into dozens of languages, resulting in truly international audiences. The list of Nobel Prize winners in literature over the last 20 years reflects a borad variety of countries including Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, India, Japan, Poland, China and Hungary. Europe One major type of Media found in europe are newspapers. Another large type of media in Europe is Radio. There are several different type of radio stations. News, Music, Campus and Internet radio. Work Cited Trappel, Josef. "Media In Europe Today." Www.uni-salzburg.at. The EuroMedia Research Group. Web. 5 June 2011. <http://www.uni-salzburg.at/pls/portal/docs/1/1347208.PDF>. Russia The top three types of media found in Russia are Televison, Newspapers and internet. "The Press in Russia." News.bbc.co.uk. 16 May 2008. Web. 5 June 2011. <http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4315129.stm>. Some type of newspapers found are government published. There are some newspapers that are published in english. The Novaya Gazeta specialises in uncovering corruption and abuses of power in Russia's armed forces and is one of the few newspapers to report in detail on the liberal opposition. In 2008, one of their high profile writter was shot and killed outside of her home. Latin America Magazines are one of the most commonly found type of media in Latin America. There are hundreds of different type of magazines. Some of the magazine styles are: Business and Economics Music Politics Wireless Industry Anti-corruption Focus on Latin America (Printed in English, spanish and French) "Latin American Magazine." Zona Latina! Web. 5 June 2011. <http://www.zonalatina.com/ZLmagaz.htm>. Asia group psychology Asia has the same media as the rest of the world, but all of their media has to follow certain standards, or it is not released or published. The General Administration of Press and Publication and the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, set strict standards so information about the government isnt released. European club teams are the strongest and highest paid in the world. Europe Cricket is one of the most popular sport in Europe. Thousands of people go to stadiums to watch the game.
Cricket is also known as "The Gentlemen's Game." A world-known sporting event is the Tour De France. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are beingheld in London, England. One of the most played sports in Russia is Ice Hockey. Other popular sports played are team Handball, boxing, Martial Arts and rugby. Team Handball is like soccer but instead of kicking the ball, you throw it with your hands. It is also played inside. Latin America A Major Sport played in Latin America is Jai Alai. It is also considered one of the dangerous. A ball could be served at almost 200mph. Asia Like the Untied States, Basketball is major sport. Another popular sport in Asia is Baseball. Japan has won the Championship Game 16 times. Europe 51% of the European Union speak english The second most spoken language in Europe is German. Western Culture started in Ancient Greece. Russia Peter the Great forced noblemen to go to school, so they would have an education about the culture of Western Russia. Peter the Great also established the Senate, containing 9 persons. He also established St. Petersburg which was a more western city. Peter the Great made the nobles dress in western clothes. Latin America Latin America is considered, due to the fact that some of the races come from Europe. Some other governments do not consider it a western culture.
It is not considered a western culture because it does not influence other nations. Latin America is westernized because they speak western languages (mostly European) and pratice western religons. Asia Latin America One major thing that originated from Latin America is Salsa dancing. Salsa dancing orginated from Puerto Rico and Cuba. Europe One MAJOR type of government that originated from Ancient Greece was Democracy. All countries, expect about 10 countries, follow or list themselves as a democractic country. Democracy became widespread after world war II. As of June 2006 "Democracy." New World Encyclopedia. Web. 5 June 2011. <http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Democracy>. Europe A famous artist named Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci Da Vinci is known for some famous paintings like The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. Russia A famous painting that was created in Russia is called Barge Haulers on the Volga. This became a famous painting, because it was showing what was actually happening in russia in the early 1900s. This Painting was painted by Ilya Repin. A lot of American or European writing is translated into Russian for them to read. Three major and sudden breaks divide it into four periods-old russian, imperial, post-revolutionary, and post soviet. Latin America Latin American Paintings are bursting with color and very festive. They are usually painted to tell a story; sometimes about festivals or hard working parents or earlier years. Asia Most of paintings found in Asia are usually about trees or plants that are tradionally found in Asia Asia has a variety of Languages that are spoken. Ranging from russian to japanese to chinese and many more! Asia has gotten alot of their many culture and government poilices from surrounding countries, like Europe. European writing and writing from America are being swapped. Since have of the European Union speaks english, they do use alot of American books.
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