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Classroom Resets

No description

Randell Erving

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Classroom Resets

The Art of the "Reset" Sandra Cisneros Learning Academy
January 15, 2013 Novelty Hard Reset How Do I Avoid a Mariah Carey meltdown?
How do I avoid a Charlie Sheen meltdown?
How do I avoid a Britney Spears meltdown? Soft Reset Address Immediate Environmental Factors

Clarity of short term expectations

Heavy recognition + Clear Consistency Attention Getter Variety
Celebrations & Incentives
Presentation Style & Activites *Strategically Planned Time to: Must Do Scheduled
Brain Breaks

Class Builders

Team Builders

Data Collection

Clear Response To Feedback Create New Norms
Reestablish productive communication with families and students
Engage in root problem solving *Unplanned but necessary Environmental Factors to Consider:
Presence or Absence of Noise
Rate of Speech
Student Proximity to others
Student proximity to teacher
Clutter Music in the Classroom
WPM Resource (http://www.jensenlearning.com/news/the-perfect-music-for-brain-based-learning/brain-based-learning)
Guide to Selecting Classroom Music (http://readingprof.com/papers/Music/1_Brain-Friendly_Classroom_Music.pdf)
Brain Breaks
Brain Breaks in Schools (http://www.dailyiowan.com/2012/08/29/Metro/29492.html)
Three Minute Brain Breaks (http://www.minds-in-bloom.com/2012/04/20-three-minute-brain-breaks.html)
Brain Break Pintrest (http://pinterest.com/jenbass/brain-breaks/)
Kagan Summary: (http://www.kaganonline.com/free_articles/dr_spencer_kagan/ASK23.php) Resources Taking Stock of Misbehavior (VIDEO) http://www.tfanet.org/net/myportal/tfanet/mediahub/video?vm=hub&vid=1168757127001#vm=hub&vid=1168757127001 No one has to be at fault, but also reflect on what you can do differently with immediacy Night & Day of Practicing Routines:
http://www.tfanet.org/net/myportal/tfanet/mediahub/video?vm=hub&vid=1168757127001#vm=hub&vid=1168757070001&from=searchresult Hard Reset: (3min Start) http://www.tfanet.org/net/myportal/tfanet/mediahub/video?vm=hub&vid=1168757127001#vm=hub&vid=1168765222001&from=searchresult Recognize signs of boredrom, anxiety, restlessness, exhaustion, anticipation, excitement, malease, preocupation, etc.

Make an action plan for what you're going to do! Thermometer VS Thermostat
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