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Freddy and Colden

No description

lib hist

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Freddy and Colden

Freddy and Colden
Theodore Roosevelt and John Joseph Kelly
Born on October 27th, 1858, in Manhattan, New York.
Died on January 6th, 1919, in Sagamore Hill, New York.
Roosevelt is currently the youngest president in the Nation's history.
Served as president 1901-1909.
Roosevelt grew up in a wealthy family, as a sickly asthmatic child.
Years of service: 1882-1886, 1898
Battle: 1st Voluntary United States Cavalry
Theodore Roosevlet
Born on June 24th, 1898
Died on November 20th, 1957
Year of service 1917-1919
Rank: Private
War: WW1
Service: Marine Corps
Double Medal of Honor recipient, Army and Marines
John Jospeh Kelly
Theodore Roosevelt:

During the 1st Voluntary United States Cavalry, his charge, The "Rough Riders" was stalled. Roosevelt was unhappy with this decision and the lack of progress they were making, so he convinced his superiors to send his unit to assist in the infantry in their assualt. Although he carried out his actions in 1898, he wasn't awarded the Medal until 2001, by President Bill Clinton.
Reasons for Medal of Honor
Trailer Script
John Joseph Kelly

John was serving with the 78th Company, Marines, in action at Blanc Mont Ridge, France, October 3rd 1918. Private Kelly ran through our own barrage, 100 yards in advance of the front line and attacked an enemy machine gun nest, killing the gunner with a grenade, shooting another member of the crew with a pistol, and returning through the barrage with eight prisoners.
Scene opens with a zoom in to military truck, where John J. Kelly is seen dozing off in the back seat, en route to battle.

John falls asleep, and then the vision becomes blurry, and we are entered into Johns dream.
We see John, clueless, on the ground in the middle of the 1st Voluntary United States Cavalry.
We then transfer to Johns vision, who is looking up a bright sun. Suddenly the sun is blocked by a silhouette of a figure who is reaching a hand out to help Kelly up. As we start to make out the man, we realize it is indeed Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt: "Whats a young lad like you doing out here in an active battle. We must get you to shelter. Come with me, good sir."

Roosevelt then leads Kelly into a tent with 2 cots. Roosevelt sits in one, and Kelly sits facing opposite to him.
Roosevelt takes a sip from a water swig, and we see Kelly looking around very confused about his setting.

Kelly: "Excuse me, but where am I, if I may ask"

Roosevelt: "Oh you must be joking, correct?

Kelly then nods his head to say no.

Roosevelt tilts his head in confusion while chuckling to himself.

Roosevelt: "Youve mustve hit your head very hard, because you are located in the 1st Voluntary United States Cavalry"
Part 2
Kelly laughs to himself, shakes his head, gets up and proceeds to walk out of the tent. Upon exiting the tent, he notices something very strange. He doesnt recognize anybody in his uniform. Instead, he says men running around with old fashioned machine guns, wool coats, and large hats. Almost angry, Kelly returns inside the tent quickly.

Kelly: "This is some kind of a joke, correct?"

Roosevelt: "Sir, I have not a though onto what you are saying. Have some water if you wish"

Kelly: "As a matter o' fact I will. But may I ask what year is it?"

Roosevelt: "The year is 1898, but why are you concerned?"

Kelly: "No, no, no. I vividly remember I was sitting in the back of a truck, heading into a battle of World War 1."

Roosevelt's face turned white as a ghost.

Roosvelt: "Now I must be going ill. Did you just say world war...1?"

Kelly: "Yes, why?"

Roosevelt grabbed a horn, then stormed out of the tent.

Kelly, left sitting inside the tent, terrified and confused at the same time, heard multiple men charging, then 3 gunshots. Kelly then rushed out side to find Roosevelt, unconscious on the ground in a field.
Part 3
As Kelly kneels down beside Roosevelt, he feels a hand rest upon his shoulder. Startled, he quickly turns around to look up to Roosevelt. Kelly then quickly looks back to who was on the ground, but finds no one in the place of when someone was apparently there.

Roosevelt: "My boy, this is all but a dream. You are just scared about the battle you are about to commence. But not to worry, as i will be there. Jolly ho!"

Kelly then wakes up, to find his truck parked on the base of a hill. Kelly rubbed his eyes, got down from the truck, and unhooked his gun from the track on the rear of the truck. Kelly then gazes onto the top of the hill they were parked upon, and to his suprise, he then sees Theodore Roosevelt looking down from the hill. Roosevelt salutes him, then walks down the opposite side of the hill, out of view.
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