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Wood Badge : Stages of Team Development

Wood Badge S5-549-14

Keith Smith

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Wood Badge : Stages of Team Development

4 Stages of Team
>Eager, High Expectations
>Anxiety about fitting in team
>Unsure & unclear of demands
>Highly Dependent on Leader
>High Morale & Low Productivity
>Separation & Poor Communication
>Factions Formed on Team
>Difficulty Working Together
>Negativity & Frustration
>Dissatisfaction with Leader
>Low Morale & Low Productivity
>Starting We...Instead of Me
>Thinking Responsibility, Roles & Goals
>Positive & even euphoric feelings
>Value Differences in team members
>Beginning to Share Leadership
>Morale & Productivity are Improving
>High Performing Team with Pride
>Primary Focus on Performance
>Purpose, Goals & Communication
>Strive for Continuous Improvement
>Shared Leadership for Results
>High Morale & High Productivity
The key to successful
leadership is influence,
not authority.

-Ken Blanchard
Honest disagreement
is often a good sign
of progress
...Battles are primarily won in the hearts of men. Men respond to leadership in a most remarkable way and once you have won his heart, he will follow you anywhere
Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations

- Drucker
Discussion of Forming Stage
> What expectations were set?
> Were goals discussed among group?
> Any anxiety?
> Was there a clear leader?
> What was the enthusiasm level?
> What was the skill level?

Discussion of Storming Stage
> Any frustration shown?
> How is the team doing?
> Is trust level high or low?
> Leaders or power struggle?
> Enthusiasm level now?
> Skill level now?

Discussion of Norming Stage
> Are we having fun yet?
> Commitment to each other?
> Purpose or goals growing evident?
> Who's the Leader? We or Me?
> What was the enthusiasm level?
> Skill level growing?

Discussion of Performing Stage
> Leadership now?
> Clear commitment?
> Any anxiety or disagreement?
> Was there a clear leader?
> Enthusiasm level toward goal?
> What is the skill level now?

The ability to accomplish work
How team members feel toward the team & themselves
Discussion of other
team development

Your WB Patrol...
Why Is This Important ?
Anticipate Process
Help Manage Issues
Suggest Strategy
Guide Leadership & Team
Challenges Along the Way
The Review...
>Teams develop at different speeds
>Individuals on the same team
develop at different speeds
>Teams often regress (almost always)
>Mission, Vision, Goal affect Stages
So...what is the
primary function of
every team leader?
What is the
primary function of
every team leader?
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