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Pewdiepie Memoir


Liam Gargul

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Pewdiepie Memoir

Of An Everyday
Hero Fridays With Pewdiepie Uploaded Every Friday Pewdiepie: A Famous Youtuber Real Name: Felix Kjellberg Age:23 Residence: Italy (Born In Sweden) Has Over 2 Million Youtube Subscribers Started His Youtube Channel In 2010 Pewdiepie On Youtube Brainstorm 2 Million Subscribers Sister With Cancer Donations Grateful St.Judes Children Hospital Images Stay Awesome I Know You Will! Thanks For Watching Bros In 2010 something amazing happened!
Pewdiepie of Youtube was born. He had started
off making simple Call Of Duty and Minecraft
videos. After he had gotten around 200 subscribers
He started playing a game called: Amnesia The
Dark Decent. Once he started uploading videos of
this scary game he had gotten more subscribers.
In fact in one night he got over 600 subscribers. That got him
to over 1000 subscribers in only a few hours. After
he realized his fans loved watching him play these games
he started to play more horror games and less call of duty.
He played games such as Penumbra, Scp Containment
Breach, Slender and many more horror filled games! Pewdiepie has a series that he updates
every Friday called: Fridays With Pewdiepie.
He makes these every Friday to get to
know his bros a little more! On one of his
episodes he talked about donating money
to help kids with cancer. If we all worked
together we could raise a lot of money.

In only one week he raised over 40 thousand dollars! All
the money was donated to St.Judes Children
Hospital. That was the same hospital his
sister went to when she had cancer at the tender
age of 14. Once pewdie had around 10 thousand
subscribers he had created the most amazing way to end all of his videos. Ending them with a Brofist, he basically takes his fist and does this. Viewers like to be called something instead of plane old viewers! Fridays With Pewdiepie Donation Episode
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