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Ryleigh Arndt

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Just two blondes and a brunette with an unbreakable bond.
Ryleigh, Payton, and Camryn
Celebrities that we love!!
- Brent Rivera (Especially Ryleigh)
- Nash Grier
- Cameron Dallas (Especially Camryn)
- Matthew Espinosa (Payton and Camryn)
- Justin Bieber (PAYTON and Camryn)
- Luke Bryan
- Harry (Camryn and Payton)
- Niall (Camryn and Ryleigh)
-Hayes Grier (Especially Payton)
2nd base
3rd base
1st base
Byron Volleyball
Outside hitter

Ryleigh is involved in 4-H where she shows a steer at the shiawassee county fair.
(Michigan Pinto Horse Association)
Ptha Youth President
7th in the nation (Overall points)

A Good Asset (Dino)
Major League Hotod (Major)
Classy lil' Leaguer (Lil)
Favorite TV shows
Favorite Movies
Favoite Songs
Favorite Foods
4th of July
World Series
Ford Modeling
*Payton has one brother, Wyatt.

*Ryleigh has 2 brothers, Reece and Carter.

*Camryn has 3 sisters, Parker, Lauren, and Riley. And one brother, Chase.
*Payton has one dog named Boone. And 3 cats Sweetheart, Summer, and Felix.
*Ryleigh has one dog named Jaguer. And 2 cats named Lillie and Benson.
*Camryn has 3 dogs... Tater, Tot, and Tripp.
*Camryn plays point guard or wing.
*Ryleigh plays point guard or wing.
*Payton plays center
*Camryns favorite T.V show is Castle.
*Paytons favorite is Duck Dynasty.
* Ryleighs is also Duck Dynasty.
-We are all officers... Payton is President, Ryleigh is Vice President, and Camryn is Treasurer.
-In Conduct of Meetings, Payton is Secretary, Ryleigh is Vice President, and Camryn is Treasurer.
-And yesterday we competed at districts and took first and we are going to regionals in 2 weeks!
*The Notebook
*Mean Girls
*The Hunger Games Series

So not only us three are best friends, our parents are too.
Payton's dad Brad, Ryleigh's dad Ryan, and Camryn's dad Dennis are all B.D.F. (Best dad friends) It's not only the dad's either! Our mom's are super close too! They say how we gossip all the time, but they haven't seen themselves! Payton's mom Debbie, Ryleigh's mom Jaime, and Camryn's mom Heather are all B.M.G.F. (Best mom gossip friends)
*Love Me Again
*Sunny and 75
*Half a Heart
*Any Justin Bieber song(Payton)
*Blown Away
*We own it (Ryleigh)
Count on me
*Well mostly all foods are our favorites so lets just say all food!
We went to the World Series last year for Hurricanes 12u. We won 1 and lost 3. It was an amazing experience to play with teams that challenged us more than other teams. One of the games we played was under the lights, now that was really fun!
Teams We Have Played for:
Hurricanes Fastpitch
Byron Travel
Flash Fastpitch
Byron Middle School
Olympic Swim Team
Dancing with the stars winners
Green Monsters
We be catching fishies
Pegasus Probs
Favorite basketball team
Hockey Games
From then till now
Car Rides
Favorite Picture
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