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No description

sumeyyah alnajjar

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of sumeyyah

Who am i? I joined Prince Sultan University in 2007.
Majored in Information System and I'm a senior student now. My name is Sumeyyah Alnajjar
born in Jeddah
On 28th of june,1989. College Life Childhood Memories We traveled to England, where my father continued his studies and took his PHD.
Went to both English and Arabic schools.
Our transportation was by undergrounds and buses, which I enjoyed.
Lived simple life in small house.
Activities I loved ..(riding my bike),walking under the rain and picking berreies from strawberry farms. I got married 2008 and
in 3 years i gave birth to two babies yasmeen and abdullah:) Motherhood Interests Travelling& hotels breakfast
funishing & home decor. UMEYYAH Short-Term Goals:
To be a Gloworker!
because i love & support the idea of employing and empowering women in Saudi and also i love thier environment & thier way of working. Long-Term Goals:
To Learn from my past mistakes and try to never fall in them again.
To be a successful women in my career life.
To educate and rise my children by a modern way based on whats right and wrong not by customs and traditions. My Goals My Strengths Very honest, truthful, Responsible and helpful.
Good at multi-tasking
time manager
A quick learner
A good listener
Very determine. My Weaknesses: Stage fright
seeking perfection
Very kind & sensitive. Likes & Dislikes I hate lying and liars and betrayals.
My favorite food is lasagna&fettuccine.
I love sleeping& chocolate.
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