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No description

theo waddell

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of theo

The Journey The start of phase 4's journey This meant a new challenge to reach
confluence together as one body
had begun... had begun... 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr may 2011 late may 2011 The start of T.F.M Our position
as Congress was a
huge jump for
Phase 4 TO... We were
moving towards: Calculating Loss
Redefining Our Starting Context
Conformity To His Death
Straining Heavenwards The end the first
part of the journey Yannick Our position
now Toby Theo Emily Ellie Zoe Joel Robin Richard Tim Jemma Daniel Early February 2012 The start of
Representation FROM... Our position
as congress Then Now Now Far
away Late February 2012 Phase 4's
feedback I think I had matured
in the way I thought
and engaged from the
start of T.F.M to the
end of T.F.M Now Then I feel like I'm really
part of New Horizon instead
of being a child and daughter
of my parents,I feel like I stand
by myself wanting the same
thing as the adults
in the church. Before, I felt that because I
was only a child that I couldn't
interact with God in the way
the adults could, but after I sat and
watched the first TFM I realized I
can interact with God in this way. The thing that
has changed me in
T.F.M was knowing
number of people in
our community .
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