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Gulfem Demiray

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of cartier

SWOT ANALYSIS 3) WHAT IS SAID ABOUT CARTIER? 2) HOW IS CARTIER PERCEIVED? WORD ASSOCIATION MAP The red box Name and Logo 1. WHAT DOES CARTIER SAY? RECOMMENDATIONS 4. WHERE DOES CARTIER STAND? QUESTIONNAIRE Corporate Social Responsibility Timeline 1847 2012 1984 Louis-François Cartier (1819-1904) founded Cartier in Paris 1856 - Princess Mathilde's first Cartier purchase 1856 - Empress Eugénie 1904 - Wrist watch with a leather strap for Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont 1924 - Creation of Trinity, the three-band ring and bracelet combining gold in three colors 1994 - The Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain moved to the Left Bank in Paris "Cartier Treasures - King of Jewellers, Jewellers to Kings" exhibition at the Palace Museum in Beijing
"Cartier and America" exhibition at The Legion of Honor - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco The first "Love Charity" international fundraising sale
Apecial award for female business entrepreneurs at the Women’s Forum. 150th anniversary
Jubilee jewelry line
The “Cartier 1900-1939” retrospective at the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1989 - "The Art of Cartier", first major retrospective in Paris, at the Petit Palais 1969 - Creation of the Love bracelet
1942 - Creation of the "Caged Bird" brooch as a symbol of the Occupation 1953 - Marilyn Monroe's "Cartier!" in the film version of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" 1981 - Launch of the Must de Cartier and Santos de Cartier perfumes 1975 - First major retrospective, "Louis Cartier: Art Deco Masterpieces" in Monte Carlo 1902 - Boutique in London New boutique in London, Bond Street
Subsidiary in New York, Fifth Avenue True timeless luxury
Savoir faire
Commitment BRAND AUDIT Brands and Belief - Fall 2012
Gülfem Demiray
Ford Leland
Amanda Tosh Cartier Chief Executive Bernard Fornas Finance Director François Lepercq Richemont Compagnie Financière Group
Approximately half of the group’s turnover (along with Van Cleef & Arples)
60% of the operational benefit
Estimated turnover of 900 million euros
Average volume of 350,000 watches/year 1909 - Creation of the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain in Jouy-en-Josas 1997 - 2006 - 2009 - Known by many
Owned by few
Dreamt about by all CARTIER S.A. Company Culture "Here, people must work with their heads before they start working with their hands. The technical difficulty and the aesthetics are integrated, so major teamwork is required to achieve success." --Xavier Gargat, Jewelry Workshop Director Analysis of Brand Signs, Story-telling, and Visual Identity Elegant cursive
Engraved on the inside of every Cartier ring
Designed before 1888
Various color schemes Closure: small rod emerging through a ring
Skin leather outside, silky leather interior
Rounded corners and gold details
Three-parts (trinity theme): top, middle, bottom
Sexual and feminine connotations Cartier Online A Golden Heterotopia International business plan competition
Created in 2006 by Cartier, the Women's Forum, McKinsey & Company, and INSEAD
Aims to identify, support, and encourage projects by women entrepreneurs "Everything we sell to our clients has strong creative, technical, materials, or design-based added value." - Cartier CEO Bernard Fornas Target Consumers Competitive Market Men & Women
>40 (but, increasingly targeting 25-35)
White collar
Aspirers & succeeders Focus Group Study and In-Depth Interviews on Brand Image Paradigms YouTube Facebook Objectives Mission Statement Vision To be "The King of Jewellers and the Cartier Art Foundation Founded in 1984
Aims to modernize the brand
Association with living artists
Exhibits all fields of creative arts
Design, photography, fashion, and performance arts CEO's
within six years... Inside the atelier... 60 craftsmen working on unique pieces, prototypes, special orders
Atelier overseen by Xavier Gargat,
Manufacturing begins after executive committee approval quality controllers in Cartier headquarters examine each finished piece for flaws
"There is zero tolerance for defects" Gargat
"This is probably the most demanding workshop in the world. This is a corporate culture, an attitude that is distinctly Cartier." Quality controllers in Cartier headquarters
Each finished piece examined for flaws
Zero tolerance for defects
"Most demanding workshop in the world" Quality Assesment High invesment in educational programs
e.g. Cartier's own polishing school
Training the next generation of masterful artisans
Rue de la Paix as a "mecca," "mythical place" for jewelers Guild System Women’s Initiative Awards Craftsmanship
Author/creator signature
Tradition & heritage L'Odyysee de Cartier Theory Analysis Inside of a luxurious Cartier box

Binary gender opposition


Interface: The Cartier Trinity Analysis of Brand Perception and Media Presence Exclusivity
High quality
Marriage Analysis of Our Findings and Brand Diagnosis CONCLUSION 4 Internationally seen as a color of passion
Auspicious color in the East
Wreath – Greek myth of success “Price insensitive”
Seeks high quality, prestige, and luxury experience
Jet-set lifestyle Luxury Jewelry Market Awareness Index

Luxury Watch Market Awareness Index

Brand Awareness?

Cartier - Descriptions List 5 more words that come to your mind to describe Cartier.
If Cartier was an animal, what animal would it be?
What color do you think of when you think of Cartier?
If Cartier was a person, how would they look?
What historical figure do you think could embody Cartier?
What alcoholic beverage would it be?
How does it smell?
What does it taste like? Brand Associations Brand Identity How many people are there?
What kind of government is it?
What do people wear to bed in Cartier-land?
What color nail polish would Cartier-land women wear? Imagine Cartier Was A Place... Visual Paradigms Fur Coats Scent Crisp Winter Wonderland Exclusive "Quartier" Silk Pajamas Nails People Age Group 17-27 Age Group 45+ High Income Bracket They Are Receiving The Message The Mythology Creative
Energy Authenticity Builder


Heavily Utopic

Very Spiritual Animal Spirits Garden of Eden
Eastern Dragon Trinity complex and not user-friendly Spirituality Totemic Jewelry Spirit Animal Guides Trinities Jeweller of the Kings" Trinities Do They Sell Panthers? How Can They Be
"Dreamt About By All"
If They Don't Know What
To Dream About? What Does Cartier Jewelry Look Like? Balance Knowledge
& Exclusivity Cultural Synergies A Timeless Space Eternal Investments For Making Silent Protocol Service/Guards Perceived Restriction Subscribers: 15,154
Videos: 43
Channel views: 11,507,017
Total views: 35,769,852 Welcome to
Cartier Uploaded Video Views Subscribers Pinterest People are Talking About Fans Rigidity Product Focused Advertising Artistic & Event Collaborations Improved Internet Presence -Leverage Arts on Social Media Reach A Younger Audience Show Off Creativity Meet The Competition Very Strong Brand
But in Order To Sustain Its Longevity
It Must Gain Recognition and Build Desire
Among Younger Audiences Engage With Upper Class Creative Community Consider Collaborations
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