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elif demir

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of ELIF DEMIR

Introduction of the Products
Processing and Packaging
Plants of coffee are collected by workers and their seeds are waited in the sun. Than, they are separated from shell. After the roasting, they are grinded. This processing provides to increas surface of coffee. other processes and packaging are made in factories.
There are some documents which they must be had before the exporting or importing to prevent smuggling such as circulation document or control-supervision document. At the same time, exported or imported produces are inspected before the shipping.
Retail and Consumers
Owners must follow to retail and wholesale trade to profit and keep in step with changing conditions. retail is different from industrial selling. For instance, consumers come to shops with retail but sellers walk around consumers with industrial selling
Environmental Impact
While processes are transported, motorized transportations are used so a lot of carbon dioxide is released to environment. Because of this, global warming is increasing and carbon footprint is augmenting.
Agricultural Production
There are over the 1.000 kind of banana there. It grows on the soil that has a lot of organic matters. Soil must be manured continually.
B 2
Coffee is imported from
Brazil to Turkey. It is produced in summer because it must be roasted for processing of coffee.
The most exporting of
banana happens from
Turkey to other countries.
Turkey has the best features
for growing banana
Growing area of coffee determines peculiar tasting of coffee. Different altitude, rainfall and type of soil also effect to taste. Coffee is prepared from roasted coffee beans which are the seeds.
On the world, country which has the most producing of banana is Turkey.
During processing, some chemical protective matters are added why products are used longer time. Used transportation also designates shape of packaging. For example, air transportation according to marine transportation requires light packing. This packing processes are made in factories.
Due to exporting and importing, consumers can feed foods which they aren´t grown in their countries. However, consumers pay a lot of money for these foods because a lot of money is spent to bring them from other countries.
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