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Your Public Engagement Activity - Crowdsourced!

Presentation given at the Edinburgh Beltane Network Annual Gathering 2014 (#ebag14), at the Grassmarket Community Project on Thursday 12th June 2014. More information here: http://nicolaosborne.blogs.edina.ac.uk/?p=1845

Nicola Osborne

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Your Public Engagement Activity - Crowdsourced!

Your Public Engagement Activity - Crowdsourced!
Nicola Osborne
EDINA Social Media Officer
We wanted to hear about
Public Engagement Activities...
What you've been doing...
What venues you use and recommend
Who you engage with
What your engagement activities look (or sound)like
We used
Fieldtrip GB

tool for anyone to use for crowdsourcing, research etc.
Creates form for
Based on
Open Source
Mapping and code (find that on GitHub)
Similar ideas and technology are being used in:
COBWEB - http://cobwebproject.eu
Spatial Memories - http://edina.ac.uk/projects/Spatial_Memories.html
Open Labs Event, The Roslin Institute - Nicola Stock
Bright Club @ The Stand - Andy Macleod
Enduro Mountain Biking World Series, Peebles - Matt Turnbull
Parliament Dinner, Scottish Parliament - Sarah Anderson
Access, fork, discuss, here:
We created a custom form...
Which looks a bit like this on your phone...
So, what have you been doing?
Keep adding your activities, find out more or leave us feedback on the app!

Want to use Fieldtrip GB in your next project?
You are awesome!
Thank you!
And asked you to download the app and fill it in...
Designed for research, fieldtrips and
custom crowdsourcing!
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