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No description

Alison Snarponis

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Polyhymnia

Name derived from the Greek words
(many) and
(praise or hymn)
Vestal Virgins
Priestesses of the goddess Vesta
Life as a Vestal Virgin
With Power and Importance...
Sacred blood
...Comes Great Punishment
Vestal Virgin: Buried alive
June 7th to June 15th
The College of Vesta
Vestal Virgins Today
Disbanded in 394 AD
Named the muse of religious hymns
Protector of divine hymns
Invented geometry and grammar
Depicted holding a lyre
Each served 30 years
6 were considered Vestal Virgins at any given time
18 members
Vow of chastity
Not subject to pater potestas
Manage property
Engage in legal contracts
Travel in a carriage
Reserved front row seats
Could free someone facing execution
Man: Beaten in the Comitium
Pontifex Maximus
Vow of chastity
Serve greater entity
Vital to Roman life and religion
Purity amidst the chaos in Rome
Governed by Pontifex Maximus
Doors of the Temple of Vesta opened
Feast Days
Alison Snarponis
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