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Lord of the Flies Plot Diagram

No description

Ethan Smart

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Plot Diagram

Lord of the Flies Plot Diagram
By: Ethan Smart

Resolution/ Denouement
While being chased down by the tribe Ralph finally runs into a navy seal. Ralph explains all that has happened in such a short amount of time. The boys are rescued and taken back to London.
We first meet Ralph and Piggy after waking up on a random island. There are no parents around and the young boys wander what to do. They find a conch and when it is blown the rest of the boys gather. We are introduced to most of the group. When we meet Jack it is quickly seen that him and Ralph will have major conflict in the future.
Rising Action 1 & 2
1. The boys take a vote and elect Ralph as the official leader of the early colonization. This angers Jack but they compromise by allowing him to be leader of the hunters.
2. There was a big forest fire on the island. This is significant because it is really the first sign of chaos on the island. One boy is lost during the incident and this is when it begins to sink in that they are alone on the island.
Lord of the Flies takes place on a remote island somewhere in the pacific. It is a mountainous island with dense forests as well. The island also has lakes and ponds scattered around.
Rising Action 3 & 4
3. Jack catching a pig is a big event in the novel. They start having reenactments of the hunt and catch almost killing some boys in the process. This is when they boys start going a little bit crazy.
4.With the caught pig Jack invites everyone to a feast. After the feast Jack gives an open invitation to join him and the hunters instead of Ralph. With Jack providing all of the food so far most of the boys agree and they start a tribal dance.
While taking part in the tribal dance Simon comes out of the forest after searching for the beast. However the tribe sees him as the beast. This begins an all out assault on Simon. Ripping skin from his bones and clawing at his face the group kills him. This is the big turning point in the novel because most of Jacks "cult" is now fully devoted to him. Ralph, Piggy, Samneric and some others get out but now the tribe is hateful towards them for some reason. It's now up to Ralph to help them survive with little to nothing.
Falling Action 1
1. While attempting to get to the Castle Rock to relight the signal fire terrible things happen. The tribe captures Samneric and pulls them away. Ralph and piggy are still devoted to getting to the fire however the tribe has other plans. They roll a boulder down the hill. Ralph is fast enough to dodge it but piggy gets hit by it and knocked off the cliff while breaking the conch. With the conch broken the boys see no more order on the island and begin to go all insane. Yelling and throwing spears at their old friend. The island has lost all hope for survival.
Falling Action 2
Ralph attempts to get back to the tribe to take back Samneric and to reason with Jack; however this does not go too well. Jack sets out a full island search for Ralph and when he is found the chase begins. They run through the forest over mountains and under trees. Ralph dodges spears all just for the hope of living for a few more minutes. After all the chasing they finally make it to the shore where the boys find what they have needed since they got to the island. An escape.
The conflict in this novel is Man v.s. Man between Ralph and Jack. They both want power over the boys, however, Jack will do whatever he can to get that power from Ralph.
The boys are happy for Ralph leading but as the novel advances and they boys don't get food they start to like him less and less. Finally they all move to Jacks side and become murdering savages.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Literary Elements Present
Lord of the flies has a lot of symbolism. For example, the conch representing order, the bonfire representing hope, and the pig head representing division. there is also very good imagery in the novel describing the setting that they boys live.
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