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From novice to expert

No description

bawit quisido

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of From novice to expert

From novice to expert Theorist Novice Advance Beginner
Proficient Expert bawit_haha_bleh.com Patricia Benner the person has no background experoence of the situation in
which he/she is involved.

has difficulty discriminating between relevant and irrelevant
aspects of a situation. has sufficient experience to easily understand
aspects of the situation. CONSIDERS:
a. consistency
b. predictability
c. time management most essential in clinical learning

to become skilful, the competent nurse must
allow situations to guide responses. performer perceives the situation as a whole rather than in terms of aspects, and performance is guided by maxims.

performer identifies the most significant aspects and has a better understanding of the situation based on background understanding. last stage of Dreypus model

when the performer no longer relies on analytical principal like rules, guidelines and maxims to connect her understanding of the situation to an appropriate action.

Demonstrating a clinical grasp and resource-based practice
possessing embodied knowledge
seeing the big picture
seeing the unexpected
student nurse newly graduated nurse staff nurse Nurse with M.A. Nurse with Doctoral Degree bawit_haha_bleh.com bawit_haha_bleh.com bawit_haha_bleh.com bawit_haha_bleh.com
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