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Model United Nations

No description

Macarena Diaz

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Model United Nations

Model United Nations
What is the United Nations?
"To bring all nations of the world together to work for peace and development, based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well-being of all people."
Main Bodies
General Assembly
Security Council
Economic and Social Council
Trusteeship Council
International Court of Justice
What is Model United Nations?
MUN is when a group of students of different ages assemble a conference where they simulate the United Nations at work. Each student represents either a delegate or an official.
UN Headquarters- New York City
The Basics of a Model United Nations
Groups of people that discuss topics with certain themes.
There are Different Types of Committees such as:
Security Council
Political Committee
Economic and Social Committee
Human Rights Committee
and many more
This can be any country in the world that is part of the United Nations, therefore there are 193 countries that you can represent starting from Afghanistan all the way to Zimbabwe.
Examples are:
Addressing the issue of Nuclear Responsibility
Situation in Syria
Peace and Prosperity in South Sudan
Cannabis reform at the international level
Safe and legal abortion as a universal human right
Creating measures to protect national minorities in China against discrimination
A resolution is:
"What the body has to say about the topic at hand, whatever it may be, from admitting a new member to placing sanctions on a country"
(Kerem Turunç, The Winning Delegate)
"A resolution contains all the proposed solutions to a topic."
Why you should join Model United Nations?
It helps you learn about political and international affairs.
You will learn skills that are extremely useful for the rest of your life:
conduct research
decision-making and problem-solving skills
improve English
learn to speak in public, negotiate, compromise and persuade
You will learn about countries you probably didn't know existed and will be able to understand the worlds dynamics.
By looking at topics through a different point of view that isn't yours you will gain a broader perspective of the world that surrounds you.
Any Questions?
More Specifics about MUN
Throughout the debate you will be using Parliamentary Procedure which are specific rules that one must use during the conference.
As part of Model United Nations you are expected to write a Position Paper before the conference. This is a document where a country writes down its position on a certain topic.
There are conferences all over the world and if this proposal works we could go to different conferences such as SPMUN, BRAMUN (both in Brazil), THIMUN (Holland), HMUN (Harvard) and many more.
I would like to make a small conference with Nido de Aguilas once we understand Parliamentary Procedure for practice and experience.
But before that...
What country can i be?
What are the topics?
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