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Effects of Pop Culture on Teenagers

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Hannah Essick

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Effects of Pop Culture on Teenagers

Effects of Pop Culture on Teenagers
By: Hannah Essick + Natalie Clontz

The problem with these influences is that they give the misunderstanding that all of the things that pop culture displays as okay things to do are actually not okay to do.
With celebrities going around and flaunting their "perfect" bodies teens feel they need to be perfect like them and often adopt a low self esteem.
The Effects
Celebrities like Miley Cyrus for instance, have a huge effect on teens. She dresses very provocatively and so teens who look up to her think its okay to dress that way as well. MIley recently stripped down to her underwear at a party because she was "hot".
Celebrity Examples
Lindsay Lohan is also a bad influence on teenagers. She has been in rehab and court countless times and also has failed countless drug tests. Lohan has multiple DUI charges and has also been charged with the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store in 2011.
Lindsay Lohan
While not all video games can have a negative effect on teenagers, there are a lot that do. Violence-filled games can cause violent behavior in teenagers which can cause further problems in life. While we think the fact that video games can cause violence in teens depends on the mindset of the player and how they view the game, realistic or fictional, there are scientific studies and debates about how video games can influence teenagers, positively or negatively.
TV + Video Games
-Music is a big part of the sexual temptations of teens just as much as anything else.
-Not only is it provocative music influencing teens, but it is also the music videos going along with it. Teens see women in music videos wearing body-tight clothing so they think it is okay to walk around with bosoms and glutes hanging out of their clothing.
-Male artists in music videos call the women in their videos and other women bad names which makes teens think that it is okay for people in real life call them that. They don't realize it is dissing them or belittling them.

Healthy choices are choices that you make that are the right thing to do for yourself and possibly even others. These rules may even go against the beliefs that pop culture has set up. Some healthy choices include:
-Not drinking
-Not smoking
- Not doing drugs
-Not dressing provocatively
-Viewing yourself in a positive way and having a high self esteem
Healthy Choices
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