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Bruno Mars ~ By:Lourie

No description

Lourie Pili

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Bruno Mars ~ By:Lourie

Peter Gene Hernandez ~ By:Lourie
Career & Accomplishments:
Bruno Mars is a singer-songwriter, record producer, voice artist, musician and choreographer. Bruno Mars' first single was Just The Way You Are which came out on June 20, 2010. Bruno's voice was first heard on the radio from the song Nothing On You with B.o.B. He also performed at the Superbowl halftime. Bruno has sold about 10 million albums worldwide.
Why is Bruno Influential?
Bruno Mars is influential because he is a very talented singer that has the ability to create songs with catchy tunes.
Early Life & Education:
Bruno Mars was born in a Honolulu,Hawaii on October 88,1985 so today he is 28 years old. Bruno attended the school named The President Theodore Roosevelt High School
where he joined a boy band named The School Boys. Later on he moved to Los Angeles to go after his musical career.
Personality Traits:
I would describe Bruno Mars has caring and kind because he donated $100,000 to the people who were victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Also Bruno bought a electric cigarette to help him stop smoking for his mom.
Obstacles In His Life
That He Overcame:
On Saturday June 1, 2013 Bruno's Mom (Bernadette Hernandez) passed away at 55 from a brain aneurysm. After that the first time Bruno Mars talked to his fans was Friday June 7, 2013 on Twitter “So thankful for all the love during the most difficult time in my life. Ill be back on my feet again soon.Thats what mom wants, she told me.”

Peter Gene Hernandez mostly known
as Bruno Mars was born and raised in Hawaii but has a nationality of Filipino and Puerto Rican. Bruno Mars has 5 siblings, 4 sister and 1 brother.
Caring & Kind !
Interesting Facts:
~ Peter's stage name was inspired by the wrestler Bruno Samartino and he added Mars because "I felt like I didn't have enough pizzazz, and alot of girls say I'm out of this world, so I guess I'm from Mars."
~ Bruno Mars' sisters' band name: The Lylas stands for Love You Like a Sister
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