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kei hayashi

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of 3R

Kei Hayashi, Rei Ito, Mami Onishi

Smokey Mountain
How to dispose garbage?
1: burning out
2: burying

Third option?
23 million tons/year
1.8-2 kg/person/day
Finding way to decrease or lessen the amount of trash we throw away.

e.g.) Reduce car use by riding your bicycle, walking, or taking the bus.
- Turn off lights that you are not using and use energy efficient light bulbs.

Finding way to use things over and over again instead that throwing them away

e.g.)Use cloth grocery bags instead of plastic bags.
Donate old clothes, furniture, and toys to a charity.

Taking something old and turning it into something new

-bottle banks at every supermarket
-PET bottles→80% recycled
European average of 20 to 40%.

-Financial incentive
-2010 77% of plastic waste recycled
2006 73%
1996 39%

Over packing
Is 3R Really Good?
3R vs everyday lives

Isn't Recycling about saving the planet?
Why do people think garbage is problem?
America 351
France 188
How many incinerators in each country?
In your home countries, what do you guys do to decrease garbage?
Some scientists believe that there are 5R(Reduce, Reuse,Recycle)way to decrease garbage now.

How do you think what are two more R?
Refuse...Refuse is to say that you will not do something people have asked you to do.
Repair...Repair is to restore to sound condition after damage or injury
advantage and disadvantage 
We can still decrease disadvantages.Performing 3R ≠solve fundamental problem

What do you do for Repair, and Refuse?

Give examples.
Do you guys know how much garbage we throw away everyday?
Japan 1269
America 248
France 100
Germany 53
Dioxin is the issues that refer to a group of toxic chemical compounds that share certain chemical structures and biological characteristics. Dioxins can be released into the environment through forest fires, backyard burning of trash
Viktor Yushchenko
1 kg/person/day
1-2 tons/family/day
Saudi Arabia
230 million/year

Where garbage go?
How many incinerators in each country?
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