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SEO Local

No description

Erin Devos

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of SEO Local

A Variety of Elements make up a successful SEO campaign
Client Success
Happy Client!
Why Localize?
How do we
accomplish it?
We Do!
Who makes this happen?
What is
The specifics:
Being seen locally as a local business
For the types of searches customers are using
Resulting in increase visits, forms and calls that turn into customers
For our happy clients
How do we do it?
What is SEO?
Google Pigeon!
More Trustworthy
Converts Better
Long Term
Higher Volume of traffic over time vs. PPC


On site Content
Creative Content
Links to Site
Adherence to Algorithms
SEO isn’t just about search visibility, it’s also about brand building.

The more authority a brand has, the more trust it gains.

The more trust a brand has, the more loyal customers it will receive.

It provides more useful, relevant and accurate local search results.

The core principles of SEO remain the same.

The changes will be visible within the Google Maps search results and Google Web search results.

Knowledge Graph

‘People also search for’

Google Places page

‘Maps’ view

Customer reviews

Local Search 'Packs'
On line visibility and performance.
SEO is:
Increasing visibility in a search engine so that people will see your site.
Help people engage with your site.
Increase revenue.
Build your brand.
We offer two products
SEO Plus
$3000 plus
Larger geo target areas
For larger businesses
For sites with big technical or backlink issues

SEO Local
$1399 or $1799
Targets Local business
Ideal for start ups
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