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Articles of Confederation

No description

Padi Kong

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

The Articles
Americas 1st Constitution
1777 to 1787
November 15, 1777
Why did it not last?
The ability to Operate post offices
Power to create an army and protect the states
The ability to deal with foreign countries and
sign treaties
Assignment: Create a political cartoon that represents represents the ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation
How long did it last?
What is a confederation?
Alliance permitting states or nations to act together on matters of mutual concern
America had just gained it's independence from Great Britain
The colonist wanted a govt. that...
Had enough POWER to do its job
Didn't have someone with as much power as a KING
Considered the needs of all STATES
Let people have say in GOVERNMENT
Protected individual RIGHTS
Congress could borrow money
Congress could appoint territorial governor and judges
60, 000 population and a written constitution to become a state
No slavery
Congress can't enforce laws (no Executive Branch)
Each state has only one vote
No way to resolve issues among different states
Articles can only be amend or changed if all states agree
Can't collect taxes

Shay's Rebellion
Farmers couldn't pay off their debts and their homes were being foreclosed
Paid in money that were worth nothing
Farmers rebelled at the court house to stop their houses from being foreclosed
Effect: New government couldn't raise revenue,
couldn't enforce laws to help the people and did not have the power to forcibly put down a rebellion.
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