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on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of TEACHERS

Improving Teacher Clinical Practice through Internet-Based Observation
Parent Involvement
Staying Connected
Sharing Information
Collaborating for Effective Teaching and Learning
Collective expertise leads to effective teaching and linked to student achievement
Innovative Strategies
- Interactions between adults and children in early child care.
- Having positive interactions between child and adults will have positive impacts.
- Children in this part of their lives are in transition; it's important to be there to support the child.
- It's our job as caregivers to make the child feel safe and comfortable.
The Teachers We Can Be
Reforms Past vs. Present:
Why do Americans stink at math?
Students are taught through memorization w/o fully understanding the concepts
Teachers are given innovative ideas w/o proper guidance or training
The cultural script: "I, We, You"
"You, Y'all, We"
With hands on experiences, whereas the student learns from their own experiences with the subject, the student retains information better then if read from a book.
Teaching Students With Disabilities
We see that in Waldorf schooling a leap into the environmental way of teaching granting hands on experience more than just indoor reading.
Hands on Experiences can be implemented to more than just science rather it can be implemented into any subject and can add subjects that revolve around nature and life.
Both teaching from a book and from their own experiences can teach them similar things, but its more on the idea of how well it stays in a mind determines the effectiveness of ones lesson.
Be prepared to work with all types of students, including those with disabilities
Disabilities range from mental, physical, and emotional and behavioral
Provide the right tools for all students to be successful
Accurately assess a child's needs and develop strategies to overcome them
Prevent students from falling behind and feeling uncomfortable
Behavior specific praise
Reflective learners-change what isn't working
Encourage instead of discourage to lead to a stress free environment
Utilize both technology and the natural environment, using hands-on experiences, to improve the curriculum and improve as educators
Create positive interaction between teachers and caregivers to bridge the gap between school and home, creating trust and promoting self-esteem in students
Utilize the significance of coaching as a means of connection to become a more effective teacher
Foster sincere teacher-student and student-student relationships and interactions through socialization to create a healthy, engaged atmosphere
Create an inclusive classroom space while practicing positive praise techniques to foster a fair and equitable environment for students with emotional, behavioral, and physical disabilities
Integrate the curriculum within the classroom to real world concepts, correlating learning with applications to real world issues
Daryl Philips
Naomi Jefferson
Erik Williams
Russell King
Pang Yang
Raquel Aguilar
Daniel Teranishi
Joel Kunisaki
Debbie Sanders
Chris Knight
Aubrey Cripe
Helping students to achieve
Mission Statement
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