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Bitmoj Presentation

Some comments on Bitmoji

Parker Hong

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Bitmoj Presentation

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Is it fun?
Why do I care?
Bitmoji is an app used to create your very own emoji.
Truthfully, would you rather have:
What does your
Bitmoji look like?
How do I get Bitmoji?
Well, you can get it on the App Store, go to bitmoji.com and download it for Google Chrome (which most of us have), or get it on the Google Play Store.
I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Bitmoji!
Hopefully, now, you will get it!
Thanks for Watching!
What do I do then?
Well, you'll do a few things:
create the bitmoji to look (or not look) like you
attach it to whatever you want it to be on (Google angouts, email, etc.)
Where do I get it?
You can get Bitmoji here:
App Store
Google Play Store

Just look up "Bitmoji'!
what is it?
Bitmoji is an application available on most platforms (Such as a computer, phone, or tablet) that creates an emoji designed to look like you (or however you wish).
A guide to the ever popular emoji app.
Hey, what even
is Bitmoji?
Well, that all depends on your point of view. But your Bitmojis can look like anything! Here are some examples:
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