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FM2 - How far do the films you have studied for this topic use suspense in order to capture the feeling of 'Living with Crime'?

Mock exam question - essay plan

Leanne Stanton

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of FM2 - How far do the films you have studied for this topic use suspense in order to capture the feeling of 'Living with Crime'?

How far do the films you have studied for this topic use suspense in order to capture the
feeling of ‘living with crime’? (40 marks) Highlight the key words - what is this question asking you to talk about....? Narrative theory and concepts how does the director use micro and macro elements to create the feeling of suspense? What does this tell us about the theme of 'living with crime'? Character functions How do you apply this to Get Carter? How does this apply to Bullet Boy? INTRODUCTION - what should you talk
about in your introduction? Narrative structure - What are the key ideas/theories? Todorov: Structuralist narrative
EQUILIBRIUM – all is in a state of order
DISRUPTION – to the state of order
RECOGNITION– by certain characters that
the disruption has taken place
Example to support? What point is the director making about 'living with crime' by constructing the narrative this way? Chris Vogler - what was his idea about narrative?

How is it used by both directors to create suspense? Hero undertaking a journey....Do the narratives fit this idea? Example to support from Get Carter / Bullet Boy? What is the final stage of Vogler's 'journey'? Hero returns to the ordinary world a changed person -
Does this apply to the narrative? Explain your answer. What point is being made by the director about 'living with crime' through this? what is a linear narrative? Linear narrative is used to refer to a story that is told in a straight forward way.

There is a sense of chronology (events being told in the order that they happened) and realism to this type of storytelling.

Does Get Carter follow a linear narrative? Explain your answer using an example....

Carter is only able to react to events which are beyond his control and is sometimes led up blind alleys, taking a long time to realise what is really going on. This again is realism at its best.

Real life does not have a coherent plot and nobody has complete control over their own life.
Give an example from both films where there is a feeling of suspense created.

Teacher's Pet Scene
Going after Godfrey
How do the directors use narrative to create a feeling of suspense in both of these examples?

How do they use micro elements to create suspense? Carter’s lack of control is a central theme of the film. He likes to think that he is big, hard and clever, but his acts of revenge are ultimately pointless.
Cause and Effect...what is this? How does it apply to the film? What point is being made about 'living with crime' through using this narrative device? Goal-orientated plots ....what are these? In goal-orientated plots, a character takes steps through the
narrative to achieve a certain well-defined end. Such plots
commonly revolve around searches, quests and journeys.

Films that focus strongly upon the psychological state of a central
character can internalize this search or investigation so that
what we have is this character’s inner struggle for meaning or
some understanding of the self.

The ending may represent a closed resolution of the problem(s) faced by the main character(s), or it may be left more open to interpretation.

In what way does this apply to Get Carter?
How is the theme of 'living with crime' addressed here then? Does the film use omniscient narration or does it use a restricted narrative?

How does this contribute to the feeling of suspense? Give examples from the film to support points made Why does the director use this device? What is a Realist Narrative style? Annette Kuhn in the Cinema Book details the elements of classic realist narrative as being :
1.Cause and effect action working towards a resolution
2.High degree of ‘closure’ (i.e. a strong sense of beginning and end)
3.Fictional world has a truthfulness (in the way it treats time and space) to what we know
4.Characters are psychologically ‘rounded’ and believable

In what way do Get Carter and Bullet Boy adopt a realist narrative style?

Why does the director choose to do this? What point is he making about 'living with crime'? How is suspense created as a result of this style? CONCLUSION - how would you summarise your essay? What else could you talk about in this essay? Cause and effect- Entrapment Structuralism - Gang Culture Goal-orientated plots - characters choices Resolution - Morality Realist narrative - Isolation Generic conventions? Key representations How is the director using narrative to create suspense?
Is Carter going to die?
Will Ricky escape a life of crime?
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