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Richie Zhang

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Napoleon

Great Britain, Austria and Russia declare war against France. Napoleon defeated the Austrians and Russians at Ulm and Austerlitz, which forced the British to retreat.
Napoleon was born on the small town of Ajaccio, Corsica
Napoleon was admitted to the elite "École Militaire" in Paris and became an artillery man
August 15, 1769
July, 1784
July 1793
Napoleon was promoted to brigadier general after devising a plan and successfully capturing Toulon after a long siege
October 3rd 1795
Napoleon defends the government building and becomes extremely famous and popular with the people. The Government believes he has become to powerful

Napoleon invaded Italy and the Papal states. Then attacked Austria and force a treaty. And later captured Republic of Venice, end 1100 years of independence
After the Italian campaign Napoleon invaded Egypt. It started out well...
...but disease and rebellions destroyed his army. He abandon his army and returned to France. Where he made up all kinds of stories about his battles
December 4, 1804
With support form the public, Napoleon is crowned Emperor by the Catholic Pope. Bring a Roman style of ruling to the country.
May 1803
June 23, 1812
Napoleon Began to invade Russia during in early autumn and planed to end it before winter. The Russians were not strong, however when they retreated, they burned all the cities and villages, leaving nothing for the French. They drew the French deep into Russia, while winter began to set in.
Eventually Napoleon turned back, however it was too late. The winter had set in and with few clothing, almost all the French soldiers froze to death and the rest were hunted by Russia peasants and cossacks
After the 6th Coalition declared war on France, Napoleon attacked and defeated the them in Germany on multiple occasions. However the overwhelming numbers of the Coalition forces pushed Napoleon Back to France at the battle of Leipzig
After a series of losses to the 6th Coalition. Napoleon was forced to surrender and exiled himself to the Elba, an island where he stayed for a year before escaping back to France
After a year of exile, Napoleon returned to France with an army of 600, determined to be emperor again. The soldiers sent to stop him all joined him and by the time he arrived in Paris he had near 300,000 fight for him.
June 18, 1815
Napoleon attack the 6th Coalition as part of his last stand. However he was defeated at the battle of Waterloo, and was captured once again and was sent to Saint Helena where he died of cancer 6 years later
Napoleon Bonaparte
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