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No description

Megan Longoria

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of art

United States
Its universal
Race and culture, social class, ect. doesn’t matter
Expands perspectives
Connects the mind, body and spirit
Develops awareness for others and their culture
Enhances Emotion
A way of expression
Allows freedom
Stone sculptures
Has the ability to affect all people
Increases public involvement
increases community pride
gives a city identity
shows town values
Brings people together (murals and museums)
Increases cultural appreciation
Economic Development
People move based on personality of a city
Brings tourist
Brings joy and entertainment
Zimbabwe art touches many aspects of life. Most tribes have a vigorous and often recognizable canon of styles. This includes masks, drums, textile decoration, bead work, carving, sculpture, ceramic in various forms, housing and the person themselves.
Art - something created with imagination and skill that express an idea or feeling

It is used for
Story telling
Capturing history
Human Enjoyment

It is meant to be interpreted by the audience

Megan Longoria and Rachel Hamilton
Pop Art
James Pollock
Abstract Expressionism
Edward Hopper
Jo Baer
Stealing of
Andy Warhol's Work
Andy Warhol is known as the leader figure of pop art, art based on modern popular culture and the mass media

September 9,2015 nine prints of Andy Warhols collection of endangered species was reported stolen and replaced with fakes. This collection was valued at $350,000 dollars.

Recently on April 7,2016 seven out of ten of Warhol's soup cans went missing from the Springfield Art Museum in Missouri. It has been on display with them since 1985 and is worth an estimated $500,000. The FBI and police put out a $25,000 reward for information leading to the paintings.
Culture and
Depict events
Decorate churches
Used to praise god(s)
Uplift the mind
Easter - decorate eggs
Birthday - cupcakes
Independence Day - fireworks
Halloween - carve pumpkins
Thanksgiving - floats in parade
Christmas - cookies, lights, trees,
Annual Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival
Annual ice exhibit with colorful, hand-carved sculptures (Grapevine Texas)
Annual Street Painting Festival (Lake Worth, Florida)

Distinguishing Features
Art in America was inspired from countries around the world

It is more realistic than other countries art who still use old traditions

America artist focused on beauty rather than painting wealth

Pop art is also different because it is based on Americas culture vs other countries culture

viewpoint, imagination, and perception is unique to other artist and to other countries

Zimbabwean art includes decorative esthetics applied to many aspects of life; such as Utilitarian objects, objects used for religion purposes, warfare, in propaganda, and many other places.
Themes are largely from African folklore and transformed into figurative, semi abstract, and minimalist works. They use a variety of materials such as stone. More specifically, black serpentine.
Wildlife painters
Decoration of the body impermanent ways such as scarification or tattoo.

Shona Sculptures: These sculptors have managed to influence a new generation of artists, through lengthy apprenticeships with master sculptors.
When they get a new house or for a time of celebration (for a wedding or birth of a child) they finger paint their house with ranges of vibrant colors.
Walking sticks: sticks are used in traditional tribal dances to symbolize clubs thrown in war. They are also important for religious beliefs; as they are supposed to hold ancestral spirits. Favorite design is magic ball, which is used by the Batonka tribe as a guard against evil spirits.
Beads are also apart of the celebration for being vibrant and to add color since tribal celebrations are big events.
Major Event
Zimbabwe's ambassador to Sengal has vowed to seek to extend the Senegalo-Zimbabwean annual arts exhibition to other parts of the country in a bid to discourage illegal migration. She recently talked about this to inform youth about the dangers of illegal migration. She hopes that spreading art exhibits it would spark the youth's interest into staying in Zimbabwe and not to migrate out. Not only she had said to expand art exhibits but she also recognized groups of important to try and inspire the youth. One of the people was the oldest sculptor named AmaliMaloia.
Art is important in Zimbabwe because it allows people to be creative and to visualize goals. Most paintings are based on folklore and therefore they try to create a lesson and to help get a better understanding on life.

Art in Zimbabwe is impacting the country by making it wealthier. They use this wealth to teach and to educate people. Art does this by inspiring people to create and use it as motivation for money. It also helps them get through tough times.
Grant Wood
Landscapes and People
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