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candy icecream

on 4 June 2013

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HAMZA AND JONATHON ROYAL PROCLAMATION OF 1776 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE CONCLUSION History textbook The second Continental Congress declared the US independent from british. This caused the british to launch massive attacks and a lot of fighting took place between the british and George Washington's "people". During the American revolution America was split into 13 different colonies/regions. The revolution took a period of 8 years. Many people realized that they did not want a government who gave them no say in decisions hat affected the whole country. The modern world has been dramatically shaped by the revolution. We hope you have learned more about the american revolution! References The American Revolution INTRODUCTION Between 1763 and 1755 Britain and american colonies moved further apart. Their differences led to an all-out war called the American revolution also known as the war of independence. It lasted from 1755-1783. when the peace treaty was finally signed the american colonies were independent. A new nation was born-the United States of America! The colonists were angry because they were not allowed to expand into the Ohio valley. They felt that the Britain did not care about them. They wondered why they had fought the french for the Ohio lands. They made a decision that they would break away from the british
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