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Beauty & Brutality

No description

Justin Schnebelen

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Beauty & Brutality

Beauty & Brutality
Real World
Beauty is all around us, and you don't have to travel around the world to find it. Humans do great things for each other, and those things start right in our community. In a local and everyday spectrum, we put on events to help certain subjects, we volunteer in the community, and be kind to one another. By simply giving a smile we can bring beauty to our lives, despite being in a small way. In the commercial world, employees think of ways to make our lives better, every single day. The fact of the matter is that people are always trying to improve our world; and that is beautiful.
Real World
An example of beauty in our world is our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Pope Francis is the ultimate example of service and respect for life. Adolf Hitler chose to respect a minority, to say it kindly. Pope Francis loves all, no matter what they look like. By serving others, and giving mercy to every person he meets, Pope Francis is an exquisite example of beauty in our world.
Book Thief Example #2
The second example in
The Book Thief
arrives at page 238, and runs behind the scenes throughout the rest of the book. A page after the copy of the "Standover Man," we learn of the wisdom that Max wants to share with Liesel; later in the book we learn the wisdom Liesel wants to share with Max. Not just highlighted on page 238, but throughout the book, we follow the growing relationship between the two. It is a beautiful display of two minds that read between the lines. The two witness the world around them, and harness the power of words. Merging the two together, they both exchange their different views of the world and their country. It is well documented the different life paths of the individuals, and how they both got to where they are now. With that in mind, it gives an interesting recipe for two minds. Great minds think alike, and this is definitely an example. Albeit this is fiction, this is a rare occurrence when two highly technical minds come together and make greatness. Max and Liesel recognized what was occurring during their time, and realized it was blatantly wrong. Challenging the Nazi's was practically a kiss of death, but their shaken words were ahead of their time. The relationship is a beautiful example of how two people, that share the same view, can fight so hard.
Justin Schnebelen
Humanity is Beautiful
Humans in
The Book Thief
and in the real world are more beautiful than brutal. As members of society, believing something is based on perception and what we are subjected to in our everyday lives. It is human nature to attempt to gain supremacy; this is hyperbolized in
The Book Thief
. Sometimes, to achieve this we feel it is necessary to degrade, or in this case, wipe out a party that challenges our aspirations. Hitler exaggerated this thought, and his actions defined a whole generation, and beyond. But yet, because of one person all of humanity is brutal? Part of the problem is what we are told, an aspect unto which Hitler dominated. For example, if one turns on the TV for five minutes to the news, I would bet that ninety percent of the news is negative. Humanity likes to prove others' flaws, and point them out. After we are accustomed to hearing this negativity through mediums like social media, television, and conversations we begin to be ingrained with this disposition. Our society has been built up, or built down, to a point where it's amazing when we point out a good deed. While we are not supposed to toot our own horn when we do something good, it seems as though it is a surprise when someone does something genuinely good. Solely, the predicament is our issue, one that we started ourselves. We live in a society with little mercy, something that our Holy Father is showing us. While these points may seem counter intuitive, the facts remain the same. Humans were created with beauty. When someone with such a prominent position commits a terrible action, we grill the person until their lives are burnt. When people in prominent roles in our lives commit a bad action, the event is more publicized, and the blame can be leaked on us. But this is one person, and everybody makes mistakes. Beauty ensues everywhere, it is just not always seen. If there was a news flash every second someone held a door then even CNN would need a break. Humanity was created out of beauty, it is just that sometimes the image is not restored because of our progressive world of media. Throughout this work, you'll find that beauty can be found with brutality. Human struggle would be worse if we never recovered. However, humanity always have, and always will find a way to overcome brutality. In conclusion, humans are beautiful, sometimes you just have to look.
"Book Thief" Example#1
The first example of beauty in
The Book Thief
is on page 65. In the middle of the night, after another one of Liesel's nightmares, she awakes at midnight to the loving face of her papa. At this point, her night is just getting started. Down in the basement they went. Under the discreet light and smell of their kerosene lamp, Hans teaches Liesel how to read. Contrary to what he would like to be doing, sleeping, Hans spends desperately needed time teaching his foster daughter how to read. It is a beautiful sight, as it is the first time this girl has received such one-on-one teaching. After the terrible dreams of her brother, Hans brings comfort and compassion to Liesel, something that that the young girl needs. These midnight classes are the start of her journey to the word-saturated journey of the Book Thief's life.
Book Thief Example #3
A concluding example comes on page 508, when a parade of Jews marches through Molching, headed to Dachau. After Liesel makes her routine trip to spot Max in the crowd, her dream comes true. She spots Max. While Max had been gone, Liesel's life had not been the same. Marching through the street, she tried to make her way through the "parade" of Jews, disregarding the Nazi officers. At this point, all she cares about is her best friend. Trying to speak of the life they had once lived together, of the books he had written, she tried to get Max's attention. At first Max was incoherent, but he then realized it was the same girl who built the snowman in the basement. It was a beautiful instance of Liesel showing her extreme love for Max. Trying desperately to charge through the crowd of Jews, Liesel was stripped from the pack, and whipped. This was a illegitimate try at getting her friend back, but the officers would never let that happen. As the march progressed past Liesel, she lay on the ground scraped, mainly by the fact that she lost her friend. In the midst of her despair and brutal beating, we find beauty in her struggle to retain Max; she loved her friend.
Real World
On April 15th, 2013, the Boston Marathon Bombings took place. But it is how the city of responded. Using the slogan, "Boston Strong," the city rebounded, solely due to the revived spirit of the town. Raising over one million dollars, the city served as a beautiful example of how a city, united by one cause, can change the world. The actions of the city served as an example for the rest of the world that the spirit of America can be wounded, but never destroyed. As a current commercial says that describes the event perfectly, "Your entire life, all of it, leads to the next step: the chance to define yourself by where you are headed, instead of where you stand."
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