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No description

Jack Imsdahl

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of YEMEN

Jack Donald Imsdahl Yemen Yemen Sanaa Republic Gov: Capital: lAEDER: Ali Abudullah Saleh Heighest / Lowest Elevation: 3,667 m, O m 527,968 sq km Area: % of Arable land: 2.91% Population: 22,858,238 People pop./density: 43.295 people/ km^2 Life Exspectancy: 63 years I.M.R: 58.4 LITERACY %: 50.2 Unemployment %: 35 % Below Poverty Line: 45.2 aRAB AFRO-ARAB / Muslim / (Jabal An Nabi) (Arabian Sea) (shi'a 46%, Sunni 52%) Christian crude oil, coffee, dried and salted fish Textiles,Petroleum Products, Fuel Oils top exsports top imports Yemen Rials (yer)* 203.05= 1 u.s. dollar Yemen has 3.7 millon mobile phone It also has 3 televsion stations (16% of population) http://www.yementimes.com/defaultdet.aspx?SUB_ID=33721 Britian takes action after chrstmas day attack on an US airliner. Yemen is becoming a high terrorist area, so britain sent an anti-terrorist unit there to
train the police and prevent a terrorist takeover
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