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APPS IN INDUST- Ch 3- the works every time layout

White space is not your enemy- Kim Golombisky & Rebecca Hagen

Jennifer James

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of APPS IN INDUST- Ch 3- the works every time layout

I need to Design this today- the works every time layout
Lay in generous margins on all four sides- minimum of 1/2 in.
The size of margins should grow in proportion to the size of the layout

Sometimes called thumb space- if you were holding it, margins leave enough negative space at the edges to accomodate your thumb without covering any visual information
Establish columns guides. The number of columns depends on the size of your layout.
Designing your columns helps you arrange items neatly on the layout but also makes your copy easier to read.
Trompe l'oeil - "come on reading this won't take long"
Goal = enough space to keep columns visually separate but still cohesive
Position the visual at the top of the layout.

The visual is your tool for capturing the audience's attention. At top because people tend to look at pictures first.

Make the visual the welcome sign for your layout.
Snuggle the cutline, if necessary under the visual.
Captions are called cutlines in news situations.
Make it directly underneath , flush left and the width of your visual.
Use the same font you choose for either your headline or your body copy. Set the cutline between 9 and 11 points.
Position the headline under the cutline.
After your visual your headline should have the most impact on the layout.
Place header under the visual not over it- because of the order people look at things.
Give it visual weight- make it big.
One font for the headline and a second for the body copy. PERIOD.
Font for headline should symbolically go with the design concept.
Let the copy tell you wher to break the line.
Position the body copy into columns under the headline.
1.Keep the headline and the lead together. The Lead is the first paragraph of the body copy.
2.Put your copy into nice inviting columns that say "read me". If copy is too short to fill every column, fill a column with negative space.
3.Set your copy between 9 and 11 points using a transparent font (easy to read)
4. Shoot for an average of 6 -12 words per line . Flush left ragged right is your best bet.
5. Advice on paragraph and Column breaks. Paragraphs- do not indent the lead under a headline. Columns- top and bottom of each leg looks elegant.

If applicable, place tags(logo, contact information, etc) in the bottom right corner)
1. Don't forget to include tags if you need them. Logo and the URL.
2. Place tags in the lower right corners.
3. Use one of your two fonts, and make sure it's a readable at small point size. Mousetype- small mouse-sized type used for tags.
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