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Save the Ocean

A beautiful presentation about the ocean wonders and his importance. Created by Guilherme Criscuolo, a prezi designer based in São Paulo - Brazil.

Guilherme Criscuolo

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Save the Ocean

An ocean is a body of saline water that composes a large part of a planet's hydrosphere. Approximately 71% of the planet's surface is covered by saline water that is customarily divided into several principal oceans and smaller seas.
Ok, but is that all?
It`s more than water...
Save the ocean
It's life
You can find life anywhere in the ocean at any depth. Approximately 80% of the species of life on the planet live in the oceans.
The oceans are crucial for the maintenance of life on Earth, their interactions with the atmosphere affect the global climate. 80% of the oxygen present in the atmosphere comes from the oceans.
The oceans transports water masses many times greater than all the rivers on land combined, and are responsible for major changes in the landscape of the planet.
The ocean is the origin of all life of our planet, it's the home of the the oldest life forms that exists.
All the species living in harmony. The ocean represents the perfection of nature.
Hundreds of new species are discovered every year in the oceans. And 95% of its waters remain unexplored.
The ocean is home to the greatest ecosystems of Planet. From small colorful fish to large whales, even beings we can not see with the naked eye are found in its waters.
A wonderful world that enchants everyone, and that needs our awareness to continue existing.
Created by Guilherme Criscuolo

Images license from shutterstock.com
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