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My Utopian Society

No description

Shannon Carnahan

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of My Utopian Society

By: Shannon Carnahan Pentanatian Utopian Name My motto, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” means that your success is a journey, not something that you will just be. For my seal, I chose an eye looking into a magnifying glass with a question mark inside of it because it stands for you looking at your journey for succession, even though you don’t know what it is yet. Society Name The name of my society is called Pentanatian. I chose this name because I wanted my society to be a very creative and imaginative place. I also wanted it to inspire other Societies to also be very creative an passionate about their work. I named my society Pentanatian because it's a mixture of all of these words combined because each and every one of these words describe my society. List of Jobs

1) Money Managers
Money Managers help with managing the people’s money so no one can go in debt.
2) Doctors
In case you’re injured or aren’t feeling well, doctors will help make you as good as new
3) Designers and Architects
Everyone should have their own unique homes to live in or buildings to work in so the designers and architects work together to both design these things.
4) Farmers
We have to grow and produce food in order to live!
5) Educators
You would have to educate all the people in my society before they are able to be adults. List of Rules 1) Everyone must stay in school until they graduate from college
2) No intentionally killing or injuring another person
3) You may not abuse children, animals, or any other people
4) No stealing from any other person or place
5) No weapons unless defending yourself
6) No taking drugs that were not prescribed by your doctor
7) No smoking
8) No drinking smoothies and flying on your jetpack at the same time
9) No texting and flying
10) No littering My society is different from the world that we live in now because it is a healthier and safer environment to live in. Very rarely is there any type of tragic accident that frightens the citizens. The worst it ever is for our citizens in Pentanatian are jetpack collisions which everyone is working to improve on. All the people have laid out an amazing future for themselves with very healthy lives. And there is a smoothie shop on every block! This world needs my perfect society because everyone should have a happy and healthy life. Every person has a meaning in life, so you need my society to help inspire people to take a journey leading to their succession. Besides, who doesn’t love smoothies?
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