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Dan Strongman. 2014

No description

Cole Maki

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Dan Strongman. 2014

Dan Strongman. 2014
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Residence: Boston, Massachusetts Education: Boston college graduate with a degree in political science
Family: Family man. Wife and 3 kids. Two sons, 17 and 14. One daughter, 8 years old.

1. Taxing and the Federal Budget
2. Job security and American production
3. Immigration
Policy Beliefs
1. Small initial cuts to the branches that benefit form the federal budget to help control the national debt.

2. Our candidate believes in Heightening taxes on cheap imports by big business in aim of bringing in more import money to fulfill those initial cuts made in the budget.

3. Balancing taxing rates among states so that the range between low tax states and high tax states is between $3 and $5 instead of the current difference of $7.76.
Job Security and American Production
Policy and Beliefs
1. Implementing our import tax policy to promote American production of goods and provide positional insurance for workers.

2. Support national projects and public work programs to supply jobs by creating them while again promoting American work.

3. Dan would also like to create new federal law(s) to supply and protect the rights of workers and worker unions under larger business.
Immigration Policy
1. Support work visas with timely renewals. Also, time spent in the US will count towards citizenship should a visa be renewed and accepted.

2. With popularity among visas will have come more intense border control regulation and process of entering into the states.

3. The path to citizenship requirements will also be changed by only requiring 6 years in the country along with the original citizenship tests that come in the process before applying for citizenship for immigrants in the U.S.
Stump Speech
Dan Strongman is your Democratic candidate for this upcoming election term. He promises to stand by what he proposes to you, the people. he promises solutions towards our consistent issues that are Immigration, Job Security and American Production, and Taxing along with our Federal Budget. He and his council believe in the American dream. With this in mind, he would like to present opportunity to all. For immigrants and immigration policy, he will encourage work visas and their renewal while also accounting that time towards building citizenship if applicants can remain in the United States. However, with these benefits come a more strict process to obtain visas and finding way through border patrol agencies. Next, Dan would like to push for production of American goods by American workers. He will aim for a successful nation where opportunity is to be seized and workers, as well as their positions, are to last securely. Last, Taxing will be approached from both sides when Dan takes office. He will look to increase taxing but only on cheap imports by American business in order to encourage the idea of convincing businesses to manufacture in the United States. On the contrary, Dan hopes to balance taxing rates throughout all 50 states by decreasing the gap between low tax states and high tax states so that there is still separation, but not a separation by 80 plus percent. The federal budget is an issue from which Dan would make initial cuts; However, with more import revenue or increased economic money output from new American productions, money gained by citizens is likely to be able to make up for that that was lost in the budget cutting process. He's Dan Strongman, your Democratic candidate to build a stronger United States. Thank you for your time and support.
For sure and likely states.
California- taxing, immigration, unemployment,
Oregon- immigration, unemployment, demo since 2000
Washington- taxing, immigration, unemployment
New Mexico- taxing, immigration, demo since 2000
Minnesota- taxing, unemployment,
Illinois- taxing, immigration, unemployment
Pennsylvania- taxing, demo since 2004
Arkansas- taxing, unemployment, demo in 2000
Kentucky- unemployment, manufacturing
West Virginia- unemployment, demo 2000 & 2012
New York- taxing, immigration, unemployment
Connecticut- immigration, unemployment
Vermont- strong, consistent democratic voting since 2000
Massachusetts- immigration, demo since 2000
Maryland- immigration, demo since 2000
Delaware- unemployment, demo since 2000

Battle grounds
Ohio: Ohio is going through a post recession leaving the state near the bottom of the unemployment percentages by state.
Colorado: 21% of Colorado's population is latino which is 4% above the national average in a state.
Florida: 10.5% (roughly 2 million) of Florida's population is unemployed accounting Florida as the third highest state under unemployment. Also, 30% of Florida's population are immigrants.
Arizona: Arizona falls number nine of high tax paying states though their GDP (gross domestic product) is significantly lower than other states in the top 10.
Wisconsin: Wisconsin is the 9nth largest state in production of commodities which provides significantly towards the state's gross income.
Iowa: Iowa is in the midst of a mass agricultural and economic growth which could easily profit from Dan Strongman's policies about production in America and job security.
Virginia: Virginia is a war ground in every election an with their medial make ups of immigration and taxing, we believe Virginia is likely to vote Dan Strongman to maintain their state policies.
North Carolina: North Carolina is in the top tier of immigrant states with 10.1% while also being composed of 23.2% immigrants.
with all these states, Dan stands at 342 electoral votes and giving that he will not win all, he still stands a great chance at presidency.
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