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Decision Making NHS Presentation

No description

ashley kitoto

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Decision Making NHS Presentation

Adrian Goodwin-K1137751
Ashley Kitoto-K1043105
Asher Gabriel-K1140527 Decision Making
The effects of NHS budget cuts

The Big Decision! Effects of a Budget Cut Effects of a Budget cut Long waiting list for specialist treatments:
Should the government reduce the funds that they are providing the NHS or Privatize the NHS. Solutions Decision Model Subsidize Fee
Reduce England's deficit. Economists at the investment bank calculated that Britain’s budget deficit could total £126bn.

Avoid a Triple dip recession

Force the NHS to provide more cost benefit alternatives. Privatized Services its A&E treats 115,000 people every year. Over 4,000 babies are born there annually.

A closure will result in the local hospitals taking on lewishams work load.

The nearest A&E to lewisham has a journey time of 24 minutes. Procedures such as MRI or Radiology have an average waiting time of up to 3-4 weeks. This is predicted to increase with by 25% with the budget cuts. The major concern for this public is the decline in the public health.

Lack of facilities to cope with the high amount of people living in the local area.

The closure of hospital or removal of facilities often cause public outcry. Extended GP surgery hours Public Protest Effects of a budget cut Hospital Closure On the announce NHS budget, NHS decide to close the A&E department of four hospitals in London.

Charing Cross
Ealing Hospitals. Chart shows the population age group of a typical area in London. Closing hospitals will have a Negative effect on health with the lost of services such as MRI and Radiology. Statistic shows that longer it takes for a diagnosis is lower the chances of survival.

A budget cut may cause a negative effect on the public health. Benefits Of Budgets cut Estimation shows that £20 billion, can be saved within 4 years by cutting public healthcare. NHS spending has increased increase by roughly 2% in 2012. a budget cut may reduce the NHS annual spend to 2010/11 margins Privatization: The Effect Private Health care is efficient but have a lot drawback.
The National health service made £5.8 billion in savings in the 2012, £520 million were one-off cut.

The following Recommendation can increase the NHS yearly savings while keeping the company sustainable. Privatization: Benefits(Public) Can be expensive
Low income household may not be able to afford it.
Advantages of PM The highest number on the bar chart are people that are uninsured or cannot afford private health care. Privatisation: Benefits(GOV) Peace of mind: if the worst happens,patient treatment will be as quick and efficient. Some patients may also concerned about the problem of MRSA in NHS hospitals.
Choice: With private care patients are able to choose their consultant and where they want to be treated.
Private room: In some private hospitals patients do not have to worry about being on a mixed-gender ward.
Unrestricted visiting hours.
After care: Patients are likely to be seen by the same consultant throughout their treatment.
No queues - although waiting times on the NHS have improved to a maximum of 18 weeks between referral and treatment, With private medical care patients will not have to wait as long for private referrals Privatisation of the NHS will bring revenue to the UK , which in turn will increase the country's deficit.

Private health care may increase the current standard of healthcare that is currently available. Figure show the income and life expectancy of the USA compare to every other country that uses public health system. Patients can pay reduced fee to assist the NHS if the budget is slashed. Allow the NHS to maintain current standard. The NHS treats 1 million patients every 36 hours. A small payment per patient will raise a substantial amount to assist the NHS during a budget cut. In the event of a budget cut hospitals will be short staffed.potential budget cuts could lead to downgrades and in some extreme cases closers of hospitals and wards.

This as a result will increase GP demand and extended GP surgery hours to assist the NHS. Cosmetic treatments should be paid for, treatment such as:

Gastric band
Cosmetic surgery
Breast augmentation By offering certain procedure at a cost, the government may cut the NHS budget without drastically compromising the standard of healthcare We have chosen to use the Assistum Knowledge editor to assist the stakeholders in their decision because: Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Secretary of State for Health
Norman Lamb
Minister of State for Care and Support
Daniel Poulter
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
Anna Soubry
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
Lord Howe
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Quality
James Cameron
Prime Minister
People who are effect by the changes or any knock –on effect Stakeholders In the first test, it shows that with
pay cuts
a third of the employees loosing their job
a small amount of A&E closures
Contribution by the public
and GP opening for four more hours

The system recommends that the budget is reduced because the chances of success are very high, although patients care would decrease slightly. less than 6,000 qualified nurses since May 2010.NHS workforce has dropped by 28,500 since May 2010.32,700 NHS jobs maybe at risk. Loss of jobs In the second test, it shows that with
pay cuts
no job losses
no A&E closures
no contribution by the public
and no increase in GP opening hours

The system recommends that instead of reducing the budget (since the chances of success are fairly low, and patients' care would decrease), the NHS should be privatized. When the program is run, you click on the nodes then a window will pop up with a question that you have to answer . Node Pop up question
After selecting 'Half of the employees', coloured lines show up showing how it affects other nodes in the system.
-The green line showing that it is beneficial.
-Red line showing that it is detrimental to the patients care. Assistum assist Semi-structured problem.
All surrounding issues and effects can be portrayed in real time.
Very small learning curve. Decision Model Prototype Decision Model Prototype Decision Model Prototype Decision Model Prototype THE END Questions Please!
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