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FYP prelim presentation

No description

fu chuanming

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of FYP prelim presentation

FYP Prelim
Presentation: CT 21

A Collaboration Between NUS and I2R
Project Description
Study & analyze the omni-directional movement and development of an autonomous robotic platform using mecanum wheels
A mecanum wheel
Lit. Review Findings
1) 4 motors needed for each mecanum wheel

2) Bulky base design & non-foldable

3) Ability to move only on clean surfaces

1) Requirements:
4 motors in total
Large base

2) 3 conceptual designs were chosen out of 8
Conceptual Design 1
Conceptual Design 2
Conceptual Design 3
Limitations of a portable PMV
Bulky base
Difficult to incorporate a foldable design
Mecanum wheels can only travel on clean surfaces
Revised Project Scope
Focus on a foldable design
Use a different type of wheel
4 mecanum wheels
A polyurethane wheel and 2 hub motors
Front wheel:
Polyurethane molded onto aluminium hub
Abrasion, oil and solvent resistant
High load bearing capacity
Rear wheels:
Compact design using hub motors
Provides the same torque as normal tire-motor combination
Segway (50kg)
Shoprider Scootie (40kg)
Tzora Easy Travel (30kg)
Assoc. Prof. Chew Chee Meng (NUS)
Han Boon Siew (I2R)
Fu Chuanming
Design Objectives
Able to travel around 'in-style'
Capable of easy transportation when not in use
Future Works
1) Final assembly, testing and improvement of prototype

2) PMV specifications will be rigourously tested

3) Investigate the traction on a variety of surfaces and angles
Q&A Session
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