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Year 2 Math lesson on telling time

No description

Melaine Bubner

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Year 2 Math lesson on telling time

What's the time Mr. Wolf???
Mrs Trezise. Year 2 Maths
Lets learn to read; O'clock, quarter to, half past, & quarter to the hour.
Go to this web site and try to read the time on the clocks shown. You will need to type in half, quarter, and o'clock for the correct time shown.
Let's see if you are understanding. Try to read the time before the lady in the clip.
Look at the power point slides for more tips on reading clocks.
Quarter Past
Half Past
Quarter To
When the big hand is on the 12, it is always something O’clock.

What is the time on the clock below. The little hand is on the three and the big hand is on the 12. So it is ___________O'clock ?
Quarter to 8 OR 7:45
Quarter to 4 OR 3:45
If the big hand is on the 9 the time is quarter to something
Half Past 1 OR 1:30
Half Past 9 OR 9:30
If the big hand is on the 6 it is half past something
Quarter To 12 OR 11:45
Quarter Past 12 OR 12:15
If the big hand is on the 3 it is quarter past. If the big hand is on the 9 it is quarter to.
The End
Thankyou year 2's, I hope that you have had a good lesson and now understand quarter past, half past and quarter to...
You can now go and have recess and come back to your desk at quarter to 10.
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