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Road to civil war

causes for civil war

Michael Ramirez

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Road to civil war

Before 1820 prezi =) compromise of 1850 Missouri compromise
Maine becomes a free state and breaks the balance of free and slave states wich was when the 36' 30' line was drawn Compromise of 1850 Compromise of 1850,
when the gold rush came to california, the population sky rocketed so california applied for statehood wich unbalanced power again. the south became unhappy and got the fugitive slave law enforced Slave states and free states were equally balanced Bloodshed in Kansas
After the Kansas/Nebraska act settlers flooded into Kansas most where farmers,others hunters ,and others Abolitionists. Soon after the fight for slavery to end turned violent. Violence in congress
Kansas' violence disturbed senator charles sumner. He suspected that his fears have become a reality, that senator stephen Douglas had plotted with southerners to make Kansas a slave state Dred Scott
was a former slave who escaped to the north and tried to sue his master for his freedom but the court said that "property" cannot sue for freedom Lincoln,Douglas debate
The lincoln douglas debate was when Lincoln and Douglas both ran for senator of Kansas and debated to win.
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