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Social Enterprise: Make A Change

What does Make A Change do?

Henry Ludlam

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Enterprise: Make A Change

..so what could be the solution? What caused it? Social Business & Social Entrepreneurs SOCIAL BUSINESS SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Social business is composed by actual companies that have a social (or environmental) goal but that aim to achieve it through competitive business models present on the market without the requirement of public funding or private donations (excluding the start-up phase) 'Unreasonable' people who persist to bring forth a new economic idea, where capital is a tool to be used to produce social and environmental wealth on their territory. In this time of struggle being faced by markets and of deep credibility and planning crisis within public administration, a part of society is trying have a helpful and productive impact on it’s country, without the necessity of political action, but through social business. But what is the
definition of a
Social Enterprise? Social enterprises are not-for-profit private organizations providing goods or services directly related to their explicit aim to benefit the community. They rely on a collective dynamics involving various types of stakeholders in their governing bodies, they place a high value on their autonomy and they bear economic risks linked to their activity. But what criteria does a social enterprise have to fill? Definitions and approaches: the EMES definition and compass What is it and who are they? Opportunities presented by 'The Social Enterprise Way' Opportunities for third sector actors to increase their sustainability and long term effectiveness

Opportunities for stakeholders involvement in broader community development , participatory governance, hybridization of resources, mobilization of social capital Addressing social, economic and environmental challenges in innovative ways (i.e. production models, quality and variety of services and products)

Triggering empowerment trajectories for disadvantaged groups in society based on production activities

Complement (not substitute) public and third sectors in the provision of social services as well as in employment generation and self-employment through financial inclusion “whenever I wanted to deal with a social or economic problem, I tried to solve the problem by creating a business around it" But how big can Social Enterprise become? IS THE SKY THE LIMIT? We believe the bigger Social Enterprise can become, the the future will be. Ok perhaps a little too big... Let's stay focused... Social Criteria 1)An explicit aim to benefit the community
2)An initiative launched by a group of citizens
3)Decision-making power not based on capital ownership
4)A participatory nature, which involves the various parties affected by the activity
5)Limited profit distribution Criteria: ECONOMIC CRITERIA 1)A continuous activity, producing and selling goods and or services
2)A high degree of autonomy
3) A significant level of economic risk
4) A minimum amount of paid work So what are we trying to do....? We are trying to Make A Change’s founders are different and complementary organizations and people whom operate ethically in various sectors. People united by a social ethic and by the dream of really changing society introducing and promoting a new business model using their experience and capacities. Our Objectives Supporting the development of new social enterprises in Italy Promoting new business models : reaching economic sustainability and maximizing social welfare. Disseminating national and international best practices Promoting among young people (and broader community) the social entrepreneurship culture and offering them an opportunity to develop social business ideas. Promoting social enterprises as a new asset class for responsible investments Observatory The Best Job in The World Make A Cube Our activities We’ve been looking for Italian social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. People who created and managed businesses which are both socially productive and sustainable The importance of these entrepreneurs is not based on the size of the bank account, instead it is measured by how socially productive We award the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” 100 Social Enterprises reviewed Active Soc. Ent 31/12/2012 Revenues 2012 500.000 % production value from core business: 51% Criteria: How this works: Criteria: -Social impact
-Financial sustainability
-Management Team
-CSR Principles
-Innovation Annual competition on a national level for new social entrepreneurs Light coaching for Business planning and business modeling 30.000 Euros grant The Ceremony:
Where and When The project aims to the social and working reintegration of young people and mothers who are socially disadvantaged in a hostel with restaurant. Profits are going to be invested in communities which harbor people in need. 2010-
2011 2012 EGGPLANT 2011-
2012 The EMES Compass: Social Enterprises are growing all over the world... The Hall of Fame Eye assist is a device that allows patients affected by heavy motor disorders to interact with the rest of the world: EYE ASSIST Locanda dei buoni e cattivi brighter Each one of the areas of collaboration represents a reason to grow Challenge of the Business Idea PMO, development of activities
and the
creation of a network of useful contacts Creation of Business Plan Opportunities to realise the values of sustainability that are intrinsic to MBS To give MBS distinctive market positioning compared to other consultancy firms To create new business opportunities in nontraditional sectors for MBS Financial support for the development of daily activities Opening a network of contacts in the business world to stimulate awareness of the world 'profit' to 'social' issues Support in launching start up business capital according to a paradigm of economic sustainability The relationship between MBS and Make a Change is reciprocal... We would like to transform waste from olive oil into polifinols In simple terms: Do you have any
idea of how much
olive oil you will
need to start the plant? approximately 1 million quintals ...but that's 1/3 of annual national production.... Which hypothesis are you basing your prediction for annual revenue growth equal to 15%? ah... The fact that
with out any shadow of a doubt, we will certainly be successful! 20% = 94% 300>3 billion What is the w rld's biggest problem t day? WEALTH INEQUALITY GREED
GOOD Profit CSR Capitalism Social
Business Corporations Organisations Charities Speculative
For-Profit Maxmising Shareholder Return [ Social
Sustainability ] Financial
Sustainability Maximising social return Let's cure
the cause CSR SOCIAL
every year PERPETUATES
RELIANCE First Italian low profit Incubator of social enterprises Re-use of waste waters from oil mills for the production of eco-friendly, technologically advanced products such as bio plastic, polifinols, compost and distilled water. SOCIAL ENERGY Clean energy production from biomass in 3 Italian plants, with the involvement of local social cooperatives and local communities for the short chain supply. It runs for an international competition by GDF SUEZ Foundation and it can receive up to 1 million Euros of equity investment. So, we have agreed a plan of action! erm..yeah...is it ok if we start in 3 months? But there are alot of bills to be paid soon...! Sorry, im off to work as an ambassador in India! ah.... im off to work in india as an ambassador for 3 months! But from the beginning of this adventure the numerous satisfactions are never missed Youth Unemployment rate:
Euro Area= 23.7%
Germany= 7.9%
France: 25.4%
Italy: 36.9%
Sweden: 24.1% Population at risk of poverty of social exclusion:
Euro Area: 22.6%
Germany: 19.9%
France: 19.3%
Italy: 28.2%
Sweden: 16.1% Percentage of people living in relative poverty:
Germany: 8.8%
France: 7.9%
Italy: 13.0%
Sweden:9.1% Aid & Charity only combats the symptoms... And this is where we are now... so this is where we started... This is where we started And this is where we could g Profit CSR Social Business Corporations Organisations Charities Speculative
For-Profit Maxmising Shareholder Return [ Social
Sustainability ] Financial
Sustainability Maximising social return Profit CSR Social Business Corporations Organisations Charities Speculative
For-Profit Maxmising Shareholder Return [ Social
Sustainability ] Financial
Sustainability Maximising social return
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