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Language Problems

No description

Lori Stanton-Dinger

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Language Problems

Language Problems
"A term is ambiguous if it can have two or more specific meanings and the meaning the speaker or writer intends isn't clear."
Deliberately Vague or Ambiguous Language, Euphemisms, and DoubleSpeak in the political arena as seen by the late comedian George Carlin in his address to the National Press Club, May 19, 1999.
George Carlin is saying that politicians use ambiguous language to avoid standing a stand on an issue.
For example
Another example
"Taken a position" means having an opinion.
Addressing the problem and moving forward are ways to say things are being done. But what?
George Carlin is trying to point out that politicians use this language to avoid saying anything that could be used against them.
George Carlin addresses the National Press Club with his language complaints.
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