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apartheid vs. jim crow laws


N'sou Hoba

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of apartheid vs. jim crow laws

Apartheid in South Africa and jim Crow Era in the United States N'sou Hoba, Erica Butler, and Kendra Teasley Pre-Apartheid Jim Crow Era Apartheid Post Apartheid Pre- Jim Crow Laws During Jim Crow Laws Post Jim Crow Era Control powerful state government
Afrikaner form of Capitalism
The National Party government
Black peasant farmed stripped
Exploitation of laborers During the Apartheid Whites benefited; Blacks suffered
The Bantu Authorities Act, 1951
Prohibition of Mixed Marriage Act, 1949
Immortality Amendment Act, 1950 African National Congress was the first group to fight against the apartheid.
1980's Apartheid began to fall apart.
lasted roughly 40 years
hate crimes against farmers
many carjacking, murders, and attacks, etc. Slavery ended; Jim Crow Laws began
"Discipline & control" Blacks
Legal racial segregation
Deny Blacks freedom and equality
White supremacy
Offered Whites "protection" Whites benefited; Blacks suffered
Schools, neighborhoods, etc. separated
Interracial companionship unlawful Civil Rights movement ended played a huge role in ending the Jim Crow Era
Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, many others
1863- 1954, Jim Crow era Lasted almost 100 years
assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Beating of Rodney King Definition:
A policy or system of segregations or
discrimination on grounds of race Definition:
Former practice of segragting black
people in the U.S THE END!! Works Cited

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