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IT Project

Reina Wang

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Population

Population BOOM!
According to Seth David

Chernoff, "In the year 10,000 B.C., there

, Homo Sapiens
The Professional Life of
Just how fast is our population increasing?
were only 5 million people on earth. By 8,000 B.C., this figure had
risen to only 8 million. NOW there is a total population of the world at
just under 6.8 BILLION. In just over 100 years our population has
In the previous minute:
Countries with the Highest Populations
Space will eventually run out if our population keeps increasing at this rate.
Finally, we do not have enough resources do supply all these people.
Population BOOM!
Population BOOM!
What can we do?
-Limit birth rates
-Save up resources
-Urbanize and enrich developing countries so that there will be no need for numerous children in a family.
An estimated 255 babies are born. In fact, in just one second, 4.3 people are born.
10 people died of water pollution
18 people died of starvation, which amounts to nearly 6% of all deaths in that minute
2 people died in a road accident
1,241,940,000 people
Second place:
Another issue is that we create air pollution.
Population Growth
And it is still increasing!!!
10,000 BC-
5 million people
1900 AD-
1.6 billion people
100 years later-
The population has quadrupled
That is the incredible rate in which our population is
growing. This is a result not only of an increasing birth rate
but most importantly of a rapidly decreasing death rate.
Perhaps it may not seem much at first, but this is
becoming a really serious issue. As populations
increase at an unprecedented rate, many issues occur.
First place:
1,363,500,000 people
Third place:
United States-
317,751,000 people
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