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Adopt a tree

No description

Jan Scheel

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Adopt a tree

Adopt a tree
Devon DiVall
Mockernut hickory tree
My song
"Old MacDonald"
Old Devon he had a tree.
Mockernut was its name.
And that old tree it had some leaves
Mockernut was its name
With a compound leaf here,
And dark gray bark there.
Old Devon, he had a tree.
My sketch
My poem
Used for tool handles
heavy wood edible nuts
larger than others.
26 feet
59 inches
Latin version
Carya tomentosa Nutt.
57 feet tall
bark rubbing
scale drawing
thorough description
Trees may get to 130 feet and diameter of 3 feet.Bark is dark gray,hard,deeply furrowed.Leaves are compound,8 to 15 inches long,and7 to nine inches large.Flowers are like the pecan.Fruit is oval shaped.Wood is very heavy 51 pounds per cubic foot.It is hard,tough,and strong.
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