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No description

albert smart

on 7 May 2013

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Hector Hugh Munro TEA Hector Hugh Munro 1. Title, author of the story, and genre. Born in Burma in 1870 (Burma was part of the British Empire then), but brought up in England.
He travelled widely and became a successful journalist, sometimes as a foreign correspondent. 1. Title, author of the story, and genre. He is considered a master of the short story, even though he wrote a few plays and novels.His style of writing is humorous, witty, almost macabre sometimes. Many of his stories satirised Edwardian society and culture.

He was homosexual. He kept that condition in secret as at that time in the U.K. sexual activity between men was a crime.
He took part in the 1st World War as an ordinary trooper and was killed in France by a German sniper.
Genre: Humour (almost Black humour) 3. Setting (where and when the story takes place) In London, at the beginning of 20th century, about 1900-1910. 4. Main characters Young man, 34 years.High class and wealthy, especially after death of Uncle Jules.
Never showed a strong interest in women, even less for getting married.

Not a strong personality, rather weak, without own initiatives, he let his relative women to influence him about his own life.
He is also a dreamer, non-realistic, he imagines non-realistic situations. 4. Main characters Joan Sebastable SAKI James Cushat-Prinkly Young woman.
Nice girl, maybe belongs a rich family.
Relative women think she is the perfect one to marry James.Someone who follow perfectly the social conventions and rules. Rhoda Ellam. 4. Main characters A sort of remote cousin.
Modern, independent woman, work on his own creating expensive hats.
She lives on her own.
It seems she is not too interested in social appearances.Not rich probably, not like James or his family or Joan Sebastable. His women-folk 4. Main characters mother, sisters, an aunt-in-residence, some intimate matronly friends A sort of multi-head creature.A group of women who influence James and try to guide his life.Conservative way of thinking and behaving. 5. Summary James is still a young man, but his age invites to get married soon.

Especially now, after death of Uncle Jules, who left him a comfortable legacy.
That’s the thought of his relatives (all of them women), who think about the best girl for him.
But he never showed a special interest in women, even less for getting married. James’s relatives believe that Joan Sebastable as the best option for James marriage, a nice woman who follows perfectly the social conventions.

This item is represented by Joan serving the afternoon tea, in a very conservative and formal way.
James agree about that election without great happiness or emotion, but resigned, accustomed to the idea. 5. Summary When he goes to Sebastable’s mansion pass through and postpone the marriage proposal, and visit a sort of remote cousin, Rhoda Ellam, only for chatting.

She is a modern, independent woman, who don’t think all the time in social conveniences, and is represented in the informal way Rhoda offers the afternoon tea to James.
After a brief time and a nice conversation unexpectedly James propose Rhoda to marry him, and she accepts. She like her in this way of modernity, not conservative behaviour. 5. Summary 5. Summary James tell his women the news producing a big surprise, but they are happy.Rhoda and James get married, and immediately Rhoda become a traditional, conservative woman like Joan Sebastable, serving the afternoon tea in a very formal way, just like James hate it. 6. Likes (what you liked about the story) Way of writing and expression, black humour, irony.How the narrator express James thoughts.Rhythm of narration, mixing slow and fast moments. 7. Dislikes (what you disliked about the story) The story is right. Then, dislikes are a personal issue.
Personality of main character, James, a weak personality/behaviour.
The society showed, Victorian-Edwardian, social conveniences are the most important thing. 8. Compare or contrast the story with another story in the book Number 5, “They gave her a rise”.
Two very short stories, very different.

Humour and drama.

Both of them set in a British context, where tea is a moment for relationships.

The mother is a character who influence in how to run lifes of her son/daughter.

But “tea” is a rich story, characters has no real problems, his main issue is how the tea is served.

“They gave her a rise” is a story of poor people, his problem is how to survive, how to make ends meet. And they can’t afford to waste even something basic like tea. 9. Compare or contrast a character in the story with another character or person James Cushat-Prinkly with Colonel George Peregrine in story number 3, “The Colonel’s Lady”.Main characters of the two stories.Both of them belong a rich families, in a British context.Both of them get married due to social conventions.Weak/strong personality.But James the weak finally does what he wants.And Colonel, the strong one, must do nothing, he can’t do anything to change the situation. 10. Rate the story and give your reasons for the rating (choose a scale from1 to 5). Would you recommend thís story? Rate 5.It’s a good short story and a good example for a short story.Only in a few lines the characters are well described, and the plot too.It’s really short, but the writer achieve give rhythm to the narration.It’s funny, and the course and the end are unexpected.Yes, the story deserves be recommended. Book presentation Marc & Albert EOI SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES THANKS VERY MUCH CLASSMATE !!!!
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