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World Geography Project #1

I'm the teacher.......for now

Thea Boundy

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of World Geography Project #1

By; Thea Boundy
Mercy Hernandez
Vanessa Gonzalez
& Gage K World Geography Project! photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Which of the following is MOST directly responsible for the different seasons on Earth??? A. Rotation of the Earth on it's axis B. Revolution of the Earth around the sun C. Phases of the moon D. Position of other planets in the solar system It's not A because when the Earth rotates on it's axis, It controls if it's night or day , not the seasons. It's not C because the phases of the moon effect the strength of the tides, not the seasons. It's not D because the position of other planets have nothing to do with the seasons on Earth. It's B, Revolution of the Earth around the sun, because the sun effects how hot or cold each side of the Earth is, and when the Earth rotates the seasons change. A. Atmosphere An earthquake is part of which sphere? B. Lithosphere C. Biosphere D. Hydrosphere No. because that is the air not the earth Yes. Because it is where the tectonic plates are. (crust and upper mantle) No. because it is the Ecosystem compromising the entire earth and the living organisms that inhabit it. No. Because it is the water on the globe, of the oceans, and in the atmosphere. How have countries like Israel benifited from desalinization? A. Desalinization uses greenhouses to provide water for the population. B. Desalinization allows Israel to be independant of use of the Red Sea. C. Desalinization improves fish populations in inland lakes. D. Desalinization provides fresh water where the resourse is limited Wrong Right! A. Vegetation If you wanted to study the physical characteristics of the Gulf Coastal Plain region of the U.S. , you should select a map for the region that shows which of the following? B. States and capitals C. Migration routes D.Electoral Votes It's not B, because it does'nt show any physical characteristics. Iit's not not C, because that shows how people got from place to place. It's not D, because that shows the majority vote for each state. It's A, vegetation because it would show the physical characteristics of that particular region. Thank you for Listening!!! Desalinization means Removal of salt (sodium chloride) and other minerals from the sea water to make it suitable for human consumption. The most common desalination methods employ reverse-osmosis in which salt water is forced through a membrane that allows water molecules to pass but blocks the molecules of salt and other minerals.
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