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Romeo and Juliet

Use in Fullscreen. Click the HOME button on the right, or press down arrow twice to show full board. Click a scquare. Press right arrow twice for question. Press again for answer. Then zoom out for full board. Repeat.

Kevin Hansen

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

This appropriately named servant
helps in the kitchen at the Capulet home. Potpan Tybalt was able to stab Mercutio
after this character tried to stop
their sword fight Romeo This man came up with a plan
to bring Romeo and Juliet
back together Friar Lawrence He tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Balthasar The feud between these two
prominent Verona families is a
main conflict in Romeo and Juliet Montagues and Capulets "It is the east, and Juliet is the sun,"
is this type of figurative language. Metaphor This vocabulary word means to
hold or use as a weapon or tool. Wield "Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious
moon," is an example of this technique. Personificiation Romeo's exile (a subordinate conflict)
is an example of this type of conflict. Human vs. Society Sonnets "Ask for me tomorrow,
and you shall find me a grave man,"
is one of Mercutio's many examples
of this type of figurative language. Pun This tragic character dies of heartbreak Lady Montague CHARACTERS FIGURATIVE
LANGUAGE CONFLICT VOCABULARY The subordinate conflict between
Juliet and her father occurs when
she refuses to marry this man. Count Paris Romeo tries to help Mercutio,
but he ends up hurting him instead
is an example of this type of irony. Situational irony "O brawling love! O loving hate!" is this
kind of figurative language. Oxymoron A conflict that is non-essential, or
secondary to the main plot is this kind
of conflict. Subordinate
"A pair of star-cross'd lovers
take their life" is an example of
this thematic confict. Human vs. Fate This type of conflict keeps Friar John
from delivering the letter to Romeo. Human vs. Nature
(bubonic plague) "To urge or beg with troublesome
persistence," is the definition of
this word. Importuned Mercurial Mercutio is said to have
too much of this humor in his body. Yellow Bile This type of poem by Shakespeare was written in iambic pentameter.
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