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Internal causes of change

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Michelle Lewis

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Internal causes of change

SWOT analysis is a technique that allows a business to assess its overall position

The internal audit of the business represents the strengths and weaknesses of its present position and the external audit represents the opportunities and threats to its future position.

In small groups:
research a business of your choice
produce a SWOT analysis of its position
present this to the rest of the class

Planning for Change

management structures and hierarchies
the extent of delegation
the responsibilities of staff
staff motivation

In small groups, discuss each of these aspects and how they might change as a business grows

Internal issues to consider when a business grows

Theory suggests that growth via mergers and takeovers will produce synergies, economies of scale, lower unit costs, higher profit levels and increased market share.

However, research in the UK and the USA tends to suggest that most mergers and takeovers lead to disappointing results.

Why this might be the case?

Internal causes of change

Internal causes of change

Unit 4 The business Environment and Managing Change

Changes in organisational size can occur via external growth, where businesses merge or a takeover occurs.

In small groups, discuss the motives for takeovers and mergers.

Research – 2 companies that have been taken over in the last 2 years

Internal causes of change
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