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Everything About Minecraft By Echo Ryan

Blazo Ryan

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

Picture of Minecraft
What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a very popular sandbox video game created by a game company called Mojang.It is played by thousands of gamers from Pc,Xbox 360,or portable devices.It is a game where you can build anything you want in creative or survival mode.It sounds boring,but I will show you some mind-blowing structures gamers made on Earth.
Amazing Builds
Amazing City
Build of Earth
Other Extras
Misa's Realistic
This issomething totally different from Soartex Fanver.It is meant for heavy detail and extremely realistic like the real world.Misa's Realistic is massively popular.Like Soartex,this is HD,so it is not as pixelated as the default.This is one of my favorite resource packs!
Soartex Fanver
This is a resource pack that is extremely smooth and clean and easy onthe eyes.In fact, it is my favorite resource pack in Minecraft!It is very modern and true to the vanilla resource pack.
Minecraft has multiple versions like the Pc,Xbox 360,and Pocket Edition.There are many more to come soon later.It is confirmed that Minecraft will come to the Xbox One,PS4,PS3,and the PS Vita.It all started with the PC,which is the most popular,and got copied by the Xbox,and the Pocket.So the Pc is like the boss and everything follows it.
Future Updates
Now,the Pc has the latest update in Minecraft,which is 1.7.It was huge!The Xbox 360 has Tu12,which is equivalent to the Pc version 1.2, so that is very below.The Pocket is not so understandable.Future Updates like 1.8 are not even rumored, but the most anticipated is TU14 on Xbox.It will be a massive update.
Shaders are mods that make Minecraft look very real.It has shadows,sunlight,waving water and more!
Mods are stuff that make Minecraft go above and beyond.They are so fun and there are many of them.
Mobs are creatures or living things in Minecraft.They include Zombies,Creepers,Skeletons,Zombie Pigman,Ghast,Magma Cubes,Slimes,Spiders,Wither Skeletons,Pigs,Sheep,Wither Boss,Enderman,Enderdragon,Witches,Horses,Ocelots,Chicken,Cow,Villager,Squids,Donkeys,and many more!
These are some Minecraft videos from Youtube.This is not my video.It is by Freestyleomg.
More Videos
This is another video.Again,not mine.Made by Theqmagnet.
Super Mansion
Video by Keralis.Mansion made by viggominecraft.
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