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Smart Media

No description

Darren Linnell

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Smart Media

Turnover estimated at £36m for 2013
240 staff members
280 million packs a year About Us Delivering marketing solutions across a vast range of industries, 4DM prides itself on its customer service, experienced staff, depth of knowledge and innovation. Trusted by many of the UK’s leading brands, 4DM’s reputation for quality and service has made us one of the market-leading providers of direct marketing solutions for over 20 years. Key Clients Key Services • PURL's
• Smart Portals
• QR Codes
• Smart Hub (web to print)
• Email Marketing
• Live Campaign Management
• Mobile Marketing
• Social Media PURL's PURLS have and amazing track record in improving response rates. Features • Personal brand inclusion
• Dynamic data driven content
• Live multiple web feeds
• Highly tuned to go beyond conventional communication
• Make your existing direct mail work harder Interesting Fact Uplift of over 700% have been achieved Smart Hub • User Controlled Content
• Live Preview
• Brand Policing Smart Hub is our bespoke-built web-to-print or asset management system. QR Codes • User Tracking
• Links to PURLS and Websites
• Text Donation
• Smart Link QRs QR Codes can be read using a smartphone, tablet or similar device. AR uses GPS, compass and other sensors in a user’s mobile phone or tablet computer to provide a “heads-up” display of digital content in context with real-world objects - like magazines, postcards or product packaging - by tracking the visual features of these objects.

We believe the existing physical infrastructure of printed materials is ready and waiting for augmented reality. Publishers and advertisers can quickly and easily activate their static print pages with digital experiences.

In an age where online consumption is skyrocketing, print publications must find a way to communicate with their readers in new and interactive ways. AR merges the online and offline worlds, bringing new levels of engagement to a previously one-way conversation. What is Augmented Reality? Harness the power of social media, Eclipse Red introduces socially aware viral Print and DM campaigns. Capture data from printed media, know their details, know their friends, post to their friends. Social Media The Facebook API give you access to a vast array of information about an individual and their friends.

• Names
• Email Address – Individual Only
• Location – Individual Only
• Photos
• Likes
• Reading and Posting to your Timeline
• Reading your Facebook Inbox

We can tell if you , or your friends ‘like’ a football club, an actual club, or a club biscuit. This was a group of people that had agreed to receive their renewal notices via email. The purpose of the campaign was to deliver the email to the designated email box, and return data for the records that were undelivered or unopened. Of the 16463 records emailed, only 663 were returned to be mailed.

• 16463 email sent out over 4 weeks
• 95.97% Delivered
• 89.27 opened and activated

All of the links on the email were also tracked for activity. Email Marketing
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