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The Immune System

No description

Kelli Murray

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Immune System

The Immune System
Attack on the body
2nd Line of Defense
3rd Line of Defense
1st Line of Defense
External defense

-Skin, respiratory system, digestive system, uro-genital tract

-non-specific defense
-General defense

-Patrolling cells and proteins attack invaders that pass through 1st line


-Compliment system

-Inflammatory response

-Phagoctyic whit blood cells

-Attracted by chemical signals released by damaged cell

-Neutrophils- most abundant

-Macrophages- "big eater", long-lived

-Natural killer cells- destroy virus-infected cells and cancer cells
-acquired immunity

-B and T cells

-B cells are a humoral response
-defend against attackers in blood and lymph
-Plasma and memory cells

-T cells are a cell-mediated response
-defense against non-self cells
-Helper and killer cells
-when a local response is not
enough, fever occurs

-temperature increase helps
-inhibiting bacterial growth
-stimulating phagocytosis
-speeding up repair tissue
-causing liver and spleen to store iron
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