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Cold War Timeline 1945-1963

No description

Daniel Roberts

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Cold War Timeline 1945-1963

Yalta Conference
(Cold War begins) 1945 1945 USA drops first atomic bomb 1946 Winston Churchill's
Iron Curtain speech 1945 Germany split into
East and West with 4
occupation zones 1947 Truman Doctrine
introduced 1947 Marshall Plan announced 1948 Berlin Blockade
begins 1949 NATO created 1950 Korean War begins 1954 Vietnam split at
the 17th parallel North Vietnam South Vietnam 1955 Warsaw Pact
created 1956 Suez Canal Crisis 1957 Sputnik is launched into orbit 1959 Fidel Castro seizes Cuba 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961 Berlin border closed,
Construction begins on Berlin Wall 1962 USA gets more involved
in Vietnam War 1963 American President, John F. Kennedy
is assassinated in Dallas, Texas 1945 Japan surrenders,
WW2 ends Cold War Timeline: 1945-1963
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